#BOTB Results: Beautiful Sunday

The other day a song came through my facebook newsfeed. What caught my attention about this song was the artist’s name.  I don’t think I had ever heard this name as a musical artist before. BUT… I did know the name.

Of course, what instantly came to mind was

By now, you know that I was a bit off course in my thinking. (That's not so unusual for me!)

Beautiful Sunday was a one hit wonder for Daniel Boone, a musician from England in 1972.

I had found 2 covers of his song, one country and the other a bit more rock n roll.

Here’s how they fared:

Jack Reno with 2 votes
October Cherries with 9 votes

Congrats to October Cherries for their win!

Here’s the original that caught my attention:

Be sure to come back on the 1st for a brand new battle!  I’m not sure what I’ve got in store for you yet,  But before you go… tell me, what did you think of this battle?  Did you hate it? Did you enjoy it? 


  1. The country crowd failed to show up I guess. It was still a fine Battle.


  2. Not too many country fans, looks like. Covers in different genres are always interesting, though.

  3. MMQE ~

    I sided with the majority on this one, but it was still a pretty close race in my mind. I could have gone either way on it, really. I'm glad you didn't have a shutout. My Battle was also very one-sided but I expected it would be, so that doesn't bother me. It's only when I *believe* I've put together a really good contest that winds up in a blowout that I'm a bit bothered by it. But when I get what I expect to get, then there's nuttin' ruffled and no discouraging dismay.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...'


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