#BattleOfTheBands: Mandolin Rain

Halfway through the month of August! Are you ready for another round of Battle of the Bands?

Way back in the late 80s, I had a job working in the office of a beverage bottling company.  I started out working days, and then they moved me to second shift because my duties changed. It didn't break my heart, as I didn’t care much for the office staff. 

The CEO would park his Volvo on the street. One afternoon, as I was strolling between buildings, I walked past his car and peeked into the windows. There in the center console was a CD of Bruce Hornsby and the Range.  I didn’t know how to feel about this pretentious SOB listening to the same music I had been.  I do know that my music preferences changed not long after that. I also found myself moving out of state not too long after that as well.

I recently stumbled across a cover of Mandolin Rain, and it took me on a trip down memory lane. I’ve managed to find a decent competitor to match up against  this cover, and that is how today’s battle came about.

As a reminder for you seasoned readers and to help out those of you who may be new here

Here is how a battle works:

Step One - Listen to each of the contenders. TRY not to be persuaded by the videos

Step Two - Pick  the contender that you prefer the most (not just the one with the name you are familiar with)

Step Three - Comment  with your selection. The comment section has been set up so that anyone can leave a comment. I do ask that you please include your name, should you use the anonymous feature.

Step Four - Visit Stephen’s blog to check out his battle and for a list of other bloggers that have battles going on. We each have different battles, so please be sure to visit everyone. I'll provide a link below the videos to Stephen's blog for your convenience.

Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, let’s get to it!

Contender #1 -  Josh Kelley
Kelley has recorded for Hollywood Records, Threshold Records and DNK Records as a pop rock artist, and has had four hit singles on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart. His songs "Amazing" and "Only You" reached the top ten on that chart.

Contender #2 - Endless Summer
Identical twins, Bob and Clint Moffatt, formerly of The Moffatts. In 2018, they began a series of traveling studio videos which they titled Music, Travel, Love and it is their most recent and exciting project. Combining their love for music, travel and their families, Bob and Clint pack up their studio in a few small backpacks, head across the world to find the most beautiful destinations they can reach and film videos of both covers and their own originals.

Now, to repeat myself:

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FAMILIAR WITH AN ARTIST OR A SONG TO KNOW WHICH ONE YOU PREFER. You only need to listen to the videos and choose which one sounds better to you.  There are no right or wrong votes, unless you vote for someone not listed as a contender or don’t vote at all.

For those of you who may be interested in joining in our fun - The battles take place twice a month. Once on the 1st, and again on the 15th. Some participants have chosen to participate only once a month - and that’s okay - we’re just happy to have you join us! Your battle can consist of covers of the same song, different songs with the same title, or even a themed type battle. We just want you to join in the fun!  Catch the link to Stephen’s blog to join in - all you need to do is drop him a comment on his blog stating you’d like to participate and he’ll add you to the roster of participants.

I’d like to encourage you to visit the other bloggers participating in the battle of the bands blog hop as well.  We’ve all put a lot of time and effort into putting together these battles and they are a lot of fun. Each blogger has a different battle taking place. You can find a current list of participants on Stephen’s blog (don't forget you can also request to join the battle of the bands blog hop by simply commenting on his blog that you'd like to join us). 

Alright now… Cast your votes for Josh Kelley or Endless Summer!
Voting will end on Wednesday, August 21 with results being posted on Thursday, August 22.

Hey! Before you leave… I want to invite you to join me in #RocktoberMusicFest2019
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  1. I like the video concept of the Moffatts, but musically for me Josh Kelley's is my favorite. I think he nails the style, tempo, arrangement, and over all presentation.

    Yeah, that song evokes memories. I had the album and used to listen to it a lot.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks, Lee.

      I still have the CD. I just don't listen to it anymore. Thanks for the vote!

  2. Mary,

    I think I'm with Lee on this battle. The Moffatts have a great idea and while they harmonize beautifully together, it's Josh Kelley who steals the showdown. Great battle song!

    1. Thanks, Cathy!

      Looking forward to when you come back at the end of summer to join us again with your battles. I've been busy gearing up for October - and than means getting everything between now and then ready as well.

  3. I'm going with the majority here: I liked the sound of Josh Kelley's cover better than that of the Moffats. Josh gets my vote.

    1. Another vote for Josh! I have a feeling about this battle....

  4. You know, this is a nice song and I am giving it to the Moffats who made it more folksy which I prefer over the country style of Kelley. I felt this song deserved a more quiet style

    1. Thanks, Birgit!

      You just saved them from a shutout :)

  5. MMQE ~

    We wuz told by the mainstream media that 'payola' ended in the late 1950s or thereabouts. But the monstrously overplayed songs by Bruce Hornsby and Sheryl Crow proved to me otherwise. I wonder how much money passed from hand-to-hand to make big hit-makers of those bland artists.

    I got nuttin' personal against Bruce Hornsby (a free-Vegas-lounge-act-talent who made it big by the passing of big $.$$), but God he'p him if I ever happen to encounter him at the annual 'Machete-Owner's Convention' in Bolivia! Sheryl Crow, too.

    As if we hadn't heard Hornsby's 'MANDOLIN PAIN' enough times already, apparently some serial killer named Josh Kelley thought it would be a good idea to record a nearly note-for-note cover of the song. How unique he is; how original the CIA-trained torturer is!!

    Although I really hoped I'd never hear this song again unless I went to hell and deserved to hear it 24/7/365, I'll cast my vote for THE MOFFATTS, who at least had enough integrity to try to take a Wonder Bread song and make it their own... kinda-sorta.

    MMQE, please don't mistake my comment to mean that I didn't enjoy this particular Battle, but... Bring back The Partridge Family!! That's it!! That's muh rulin'.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Hey Mr Stephen!

      >>...I'll cast my vote for THE MOFFATTS

      Narrowing the gap! This is starting to turn out better than I had thought :)

      >>,,,Bring back The Partridge Family!!

      I'll get started right away on that Partridge Family vs Rush battle. Gee, I wonder who will win THAT one?

      Actually, if you take a gander at the master list (which I am sure that you have) you may have noticed that I have my battles pre-written and scheduled through October. I had to get then done so I could sort out my RocktoberMusicFest posts. There's one in September? Maybe October (my memory is already failing me) that is a do-over from one of yours from 5 years ago.

      Now, to get the rest of those posts written and I'm as good as gold!


    2. Ite. MMQE, I just checked 'er out and I'm glad to see you'll be re-doing that one. I've always felt that outcome was a huge pasture of horse pucky!! {*Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I question the authenticity of some BOTB results. And that was one that definitely triggered me a little bit. Occasionally, I gotta call "Bv11$h/+".*}

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. Yup.. that one was so close, that a sneeze would have made a difference. We'll see if the outcome changes :)

  6. Hey, this is a great song and I had to go back and listen to Bruce Hornsby, too. Unlike my brudder, Stephen, I didn't get overbaked on Bruce, ha ha. That said, I get what he is saying. If I ever hear "All I wanna do, is have some fun..." floating through the airwaves again, I will take an anti-emetic.

    I, too, am voting for Bob and Clint Moffatt, in all their twinsy glory. Mainly because I like a good acoustic croonin' that sounds like you might hear it in the living room.

    Hey, guys, bring guitars to my house this Friday night! It will be fun!

    Yes, I have said that. And gotten out my guitar. And it was fun.

    1. >>,,,Hey, guys, bring guitars to my house this Friday night! It will be fun!

      That does sound fun! I'll be there with bells on!

      Thanks for the vote, Cherdo!

  7. My vote is for josh kelley. It sounded better in my ear holes.

    1. Welcome to the battles, PTM!

      Glad to have you here, and I hope to see you joining us again soon. I peeked at your profile and your blog (bet you're glad you were wearing pants, huh!)

      Anyway, welcome!

  8. The Moffatt twins have sweet harmonies, but I prefer the grittier vocals of Josh Kelley. And, I do believe that's a country version, yes? See, I do like some. 😉


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