#BOTB Results: Battle of the Blue Skies

Today’s results post is short and sweet, the way it ought to be, right?

For this battle, I had 2 songs of similar title, performed by 2 well-established artists.  I was worried it might be a tie… boy was I wrong!

I paired the Allman Brothers ‘Blue Sky’ against ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’.  Here is how that turned out:

The first two votes went to both of the contenders, but it quickly became obvious that most people preferred ELO over the Allman Brothers. Mike stepped in with another vote for the Allman Brothers, but it just wasn’t enough to save them.

The Final Tally:

The Allman Brothers with 2 votes
ELO with 7 votes

Now, I just can’t let this day pass by without wishing Mr Stephen T McCarthy a Very Happy Birthday today.   He says he has an annual tradition of listening to The Monkees on his birthday. I tried to find a video of The Monkees singing Happy Birthday, but all I could find was a creepy video that I just didn’t like.  I did, however, find a different type of Monkey to wish him a Happy Birthday. 

Being that The Monkees used session musicians, it’s only fitting that these monkeys did, too.   Happy Birthday, Stephen. Thank you for the years of friendship! Don’t overdo it with the celebratin’ because now that you’re *ahem* older… it’s much easier to slip and break a hip - and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

What are your plans for October?  I’m hammering out the details for the annual #RocktoberMusicFest, hosted by yours truly.  I should have those details posted soon. I’d love to have each and every one of you join in the fun!

Be sure to come back on the 15th for a brand new battle!  I’m not sure what I’ve got in store for you yet,  But before you go… tell me, what did you think of this battle?  Did you hate it? Did you enjoy it? 


  1. You and I had similar outcomes in the sense that we had different expectations of how it all would turn out. Funny considering we both had similarly "blue" battles.

    I'm surprised that the Allmans didn't fare better here, but I guess they have more regional appeal. The Brothers were like our musical bread and butter back in Tennessee of the seventies.

    Interesting outcome.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I'm surprised they didn't do better as well. There's just something appealing about their tune for me. Catch you next round.

  2. I anxiously await details on Rocktober!

    1. Announcement post goes live at 12am! I almost feel as though I've left something out of it. Thank goodness there is the edit function :)

  3. MMQE ~

    Hey, hey, those were monkeys!
    Thanks for the birthday wish and that nice rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. (And if you don't think that was nice, then you've never heard my Brother sing. True Fact: He can't even sing 'Happy Birthday' without turning it into a funeral dirge!)

    I only just now saw this because the last few days have been too dang busy. And next year on my birthday, I ain't taking no road trip to Reno - not even for the California Quesadilla at Claim Jumper restaurant. I'm just gonna sit in my rocking chair on the front porch and try to hold on.

    >>... Don’t overdo it with the celebratin’ because now that you’re *ahem* older… it’s much easier to slip and break a hip

    Ha!-Ha! Actually, it's my liver I'm worried about. My doctor has advised me that I must drink 10 Mojitos an hour, but I'm having trouble keeping up that pace.

    If I were to analyze your latest BOTB contest, I would say:
    Non-Hit versus Top 40 Hit.
    BOTB history has shown that this kind of a match-up will be a blowout nearly every time. ...Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Thanks again for remembering this old man's birthday. It was a pretty goot juan. I watched 'Swiss Family Robinson' and drank Old Grand-Dad whiskey. I'd call that "where childhood and adulthood meet".

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Stephen

      You are most welcome, friend. I only wish that I could have found a great video of the real Monkees. That would have been special.

      >>,,,My doctor has advised me that I must drink 10 Mojitos an hour

      The mint in the mojitos have many health benefits, I strongly advise you to do your very best at keeping the pace.

      I watched 'Spirit of 76' the other morning when I couldn't sleep. Good Lort. That's an hour twenty and change that I'll never get back. I thought the movie was so incredibly dumb that it borderlined genius.

      I've been prepping for the RocktoberMusicFest2019, and putting together a few battles (getting them all set to autopost). I am sure there are going to be a few duds in there, but I'm not overly worried about it. Although, I'm certain someone somewhere is wondering just where I get these ideas/contestants. ha!


    2. MMQE ~

      >>... I thought the movie was so incredibly dumb that it borderlined genius.

      Sheesh! That's phunny, because I saw it exactly the opposite: A movie that was such a work of genius it nearly became dumb. [;^)

      ~ D-FensDogG


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