#BOTB Results: Mandolin Rain

Well, this week went by quickly, didn’t it?  Of course, each day brought a fresh batch of hell for me.  I hope your week has not been as craptastic as mine.  Here it is in the 11th hour and I’m just now putting this post together for you.

This past week had us battling covers of  Bruce Hornsby’s ‘Mandolin Rain’   Both cover versions were ‘country-ish’.  So here we had a song that was overplayed in it’s day and in a genre that a number of you just don’t care for.  Too frickin’ bad!

The Final Tally:

Josh Kelley with 5 votes
Endless Summer with 3 votes

Now, because I know you guys are such big fans of Bruce Hornsby, I’m going to leave you with another tune of his.. Enjoy it if you can. If not - well, join me in my miserable week.

What are your plans for October?  I’d love for you to join me in the annual #RocktoberMusicFest 2019 hosted by yours truly.  There’s no commitment, post when you can, as long as your post falls under the category of ‘Rock Music’.  You can find the details HERE

Be sure to come back on the 1st for a brand new battle! I’ve got a special Labor Day battle planned for you.  If you have plans to be out of town for the holiday, please keep in mind that the battle will be open for votes until Saturday Sept 7.


  1. I liked your Battle, but I also like Bruce Hornsby. When it comes to music there are a great many things that I tend to like or at least appreciate for the effort put into it.

    I'll keep October in mind, but I've had blogging blahs of late and not posting much. Maybe the coming of fall will be a pick me up.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks Lee

      The best part of the #RocktoberMusicFest is that there is no commitment, just post when you can. I'm having a bit of a rough week myself.


  2. MMQE ~

    I didn't mind the genre at all. It's Bruce Hornsby's overplayed *mediocrity* that bothers me.

    In my snarky "votement" (combination of "vote" & "comment"), I wrote, regarding Bruce Hornsby:

    "a free-Vegas-lounge-act-talent who made it big by the passing of big $.$$"

    Paul Harvey used to say, "And now you know... the REST of the story".

    Well, here comes my version of "the REST of the story"...

    When I made reference to Bruce Hornsby being a "free Vegas lounge act", I was actually thinking of the time in 1988 (if memory serves me) when I saw the legendary Billy Preston performing live at the (now defunct) MINT casino in Las Vegas. Yeah, seriously! Billy Preston had fallen on such hard times that he was then performing for free on a tiny, circular bandstand in the middle of a casino floor.

    I was there at the bar with my Pa, watching Billy Preston, when it suddenly dawned on me WHO he was! And I excitedly told my Pa, "This guy is an A-list talent! This guy had MAJOR hit songs and played with The Beatles!!!"

    So, when I think of having seen Billy Preston playing for free in the middle of a casino floor in Las Vegas, and then I think of Bruce "Boring" Hornsby, I can't "pissbly" imagine Hornsby as being anything more than what (should be) a free Vegas lounge act. I mean, seriously, if you could see Billy Preston playing for free in a casino, would you actually pay MONEY to see "Boring" Bruce?!?!

    Anyway, you know me! As the black & white-clad penguin sang: "I gotta be ME! Oh, I just GOTTA be ME!!"

    >>... What are your plans for October?

    I have NO plans for October. Right now, I'm thinking I'll have "September Swan Songs" and then be on my way.
    "And you tell 'em that you heard it here FIRST on Roller Derby."

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Hey Stephen

      Pay no mind to the lady having a meltdown. It's not been a good week for me, and I may have taken it out on some innocent (?) bystanders. I knew in advance this wasn't going to be a popular battle - as I has pretty much phoned this one in. The next few should prove to be better battles. Hopefully I won't be in jail when my posts go live.


    2. "September Swan Songs", Stephen?? Surely, you don't mean you want to quit BOTB? 😲

    3. MMQE ~

      No worries in the least. We all have a right to an occasional meltdown. (The most meticulous among us actually schedule appointments for them.)

      Whatever you do, don't go to jail. It's a really overrated experience! (Well, if you are *DETERMINED* to do some jail time, just make sure you do it in the U.S. and not in Mehico. The restroom facilities there leave a great deal to be desired.)



      I don't think I would ever officially "quit" BOTB. But Carnac The Magnificent has indicated to me that he might see a BOTB hiatus in my future.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  3. Sorry you're having such a rough week, Mary. Here's hoping things improve for you, soon! I picked the winner for this battle, and surprised myself, since country is not my usual preference. Bruce Hornsby has a pleasant enough voice, but I wouldn't pay to see him either. Doesn't mean other people shouldn't, since he has plenty of talent. Stephen still seems a tetch ornery this morning! 😆


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