#BOTB Labor Day Battle Results:

It’s time now to reveal the winner of the most recent battle of the band   For this installment of the battles, I had 2 unknown artists attempting to ‘Take Care  of Business’.

I was a little surprised at the outcome. I thought for sure at least one of you would have gone for the harmonica. But in the end, it was a complete blowout.

The Final Tally:

Sam and Emma with 0 votes
The New Fortune with 7 votes

I kind of feel bad for Sam and Emma, so I thought I’d give them a chance to redeem themselves. Here’s an original of theirs:

And if you loved hanging out with the boys of The New Fortune, here’s one of their originals:

What are your plans for October?  I’d love for you to join me in the annual #RocktoberMusicFest 2019 hosted by yours truly.  There’s no commitment, post when you can, as long as your post falls under the category of ‘Rock Music’.  You can find the details HERE

Be sure to come back on the 15th for a brand new battle! I’ve got a special Back To School battle planned for you. Hopefully, that battle will be a bit more challenging.


  1. Hokey-Smoke, MMQE! In my opinion, by no means did you deserve to have a shutout in this Battle. I mean, I did feel Emma's vocals were a bit too harsh, just a tad too jarring, But they weren't bad at all, and I felt the competition was not so far out of whack that it should have resulted in a shutout.

    I've seen many, many BOTB installments where a shutout was avoided but probably deserved, in my view. And yet THIS ONE of yours was a pretty good match-up, talent-wise, and I can't believe that NO ONE sided with Sam & Emma.

    Then again, just 7 votes is a pretty low turnout, and I'll bet that if you'd had voters in the double digits, SOMEONE would have preferred Sam & Emma. It was too small of an opinion sample.

    Better luck next time, my friend!!

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. I tend to agree with you, the numbers have been pretty low. Between end of summer, holiday weekend, and kids getting back to school, I'm sure everyone else had other things going on. Shoot, I had other things going on as well, including the fact that pretty much slept for 3 days straight (not solid - I'd get up every couple of hours and then it was back to bed for me). I'm sure that had I not previously written and scheduled the battle, it might not have happened at all.

      Next battle is sure to be a close one! Popular song with 2 well-known versions.


  2. Small turnout during a holiday weekend. That is the logical explanation. I was put off by Emma's vocals, but she sounds better in this original song.


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