#RMF2019 #4M: Going My Way?

Today Monday’s Music Moves Me (#4M) joins hands together with #RocktoberMusicFest2019. Our assigned topic for today is in honor of Columbus Day. Songs about a Journey.

I’ve put together a set list that should meet all the criteria. I do hope that you enjoy!

  1. America - Horse With No Name - Let’s hope that ‘NoName’ can get us through the desert before we die of thirst.
  2. Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride - Do we need to leave home to take a trip?
  3. The Proclaimers - I’m Gonna Be  [500 Miles] -  Now that’s a Walk!
  4. The Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville - The Proclaimers might want to walk, but I prefer a faster mode of travel
  5. Jackson Browne - Running On Empty - Not sure where Jackson Browne is headed, but he probably should fuel up!
  6. The Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider - A desperate man on the run
  7. Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner - Steve Miller tells us about how he has to be movin’ on
  8. Sheena Easton - 9 to 5 (Morning Train) - Sheena tells us about her lover that takes the train
  9. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary - These guys are taking us for a trip on a riverboat
  10. Sammy Hagar - I Can’t Drive 55 - We’re not sure where we’re going, but we will be getting there fast!

I’d love for you to join me in celebrating Rock Music this month. All you need to do is drop the link to your current Rock Music post in the comments  Be sure to code with html so the link is clickable.  (See the announcement post for instructions on that) And then visit everyone that has left their links.

For a full list of this weeks #4M participants, Visit Cathy's page. 

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for more #RMF2019 fun!


  1. Love the playlist, Mary! Perfect for a road trip. ☺

    1. I was just listening to it again, and now I want to take a trip :) Thanks for stopping by, Debbie!

  2. I love your playlist! You thought of some great journey songs. My playlist: Music Monday

  3. Wonderful playlist. Here's mine for Rocktober in honor of the full moon last night.

    Janet’s Smiles

  4. Always have such wonderful tunes. Love your playlists. Very nice.

    1. Thank you, Patrick! You should join us in the RocktoberMusicFest. We're having a lot of fun!

  5. Mary,

    I'm on vacation but today I'm preparing for tomorrow's all day outer to the mountains and thought it would be nice to listen to some mewsic in the background. 'A Horse With No Name' brings back some fond memories and it's one of my favorite oldies. I don't think I'd like to travel by horse especially long distances. lol I do remember as a kid how I dreamed of taking a 'Magic Carpet Ride', though. That was in my pre-phobia days. :) I believe John used this song in his playlist. Great RMF & 4M mewsic set today. Thanks for joining us on the dance floor and have a boogietastic week, my friend! PS: I share my 4M post yesterday and here's my RMF post.

  6. Your music set is perfect for the theme!
    Come by and get your spook on when you can.
    Michelle, Your Crypt Keeper.

  7. Oh my gosh, I love that song "Horse with no name"! I haven't heard it in such a long time. Magic Carpet ride... holy cow the beginning to that is weird hahaha I saw these guys at the Naperville ribfest by me. They were great and so many people! DANG! great tunes You have definitely ROCKED HOUSE!
    Thanks girlfriend!


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