#RMF2019: Bon Jovi

Day 13 of #RocktoberMusicFest2019

I didn’t see today’s band in concert, but my neighbor did. It was in the early to mid 1990’s. We lived a few hours from the venue, so my miserly self stayed home. When I saw my neighbor after the concert, I asked her how it was. She said she couldn’t remember anything much except those tight leather pants!.

Wikipedia tells us this about Bon Jovi:
Bon Jovi is an American rock band formed in 1983 in Sayreville, New Jersey. It consists of singer Jon Bon Jovi, keyboardist David Bryan, drummer Tico Torres, guitarist Phil X, and bassist Hugh McDonald. Previous bassist Alec John Such was dismissed in 1994, and longtime guitarist and co-songwriter Richie Sambora left in 2013.

Here are 10 of their songs:

  1. It’s My Life
  2. Livin’ On A Prayer
  3. Always
  4. You Give Love A Bad Name
  5. I’ll Be There For You
  6. Wanted Dead or Alive
  7. Runaway
  8. This Ain’t A Love Song
  9. Have A Nice Day
  10. Bad Medicine

Have you seen Bon Jovi in concert? What was your experience like?

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  1. May 26, 2010, the very first concert presented at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey was Bon Jovi. And I was there. And it was wonderful.

    My post for today involves Giants Stadium, which was torn down and replaced by MetLife Stadium. A Green Rocktober

    1. Sounds interesting. I'll have to come check it out!

  2. Spanky & Our Gang, “Like To Get To Know You”

    Good playlist! Can't say that I'm all that familiar with them (yes, even after all these years), but they have a good sound.

    1. They were quite popular during the 90s. I'm running a bit behind, but will be around to your post soon!

  3. I agree about the tight leather pants, Mary! He is still such a hottie and has such beautiful blue eyes! I'm doing Rod Stewart today.

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. He definitely wore them well! Love Rod Stewart, I'll come see your post in just a minute.

  4. Bon Jovi is very popular where I live (upstate New York) He played here at a golf tournament about 3 or 4 years ago and people really turned out to see him. Today, I feature a Billy Joel song https://ramblinwitham.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-player-piano-rmf2019-blogboost.html

    1. Billy Joel sounds interesting, and I really enjoy Piano Man!

  5. Mary,

    I'm not a concert goer, never have been even when I was younger. I think I've only been to three in my life and Bon Jovi wasn't one of them. They sure were crazy popular with hit after hit in the 80s. I'm not sure what they've done in recent years, though. I guess I ought to do a little digging to see what new mewsic they've cranked out since those early years. I just haven't kept on top of these oldie groups but according to songfacts they did cut some new ones in 2016 so I'm eager to listen to them. This playlist is awesome. 'Always' & 'This Isn't A Love Song' didn't sound familiar so these are a welcome discovery and I loved rekindling myself with their sound with your mewsic set.


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