#4M: Songs About Toys

I’m Baaaack! Just in time for Monday’s Music Moves Me!  Did you miss me?  Did you even notice I was away? 

After dealing with some health issues and then the cold from hell - seriously- Three very long weeks of barely being able to breath. I just needed a break.  You know you need a break when every damned thing gets on your very last nerve.  Anyway, it’s good to be back among the breathing.

Today’s assignment is to come up with Songs about Toys.   So here is my list:

  1. Barbie Girl
  2. Tin Soldier
  3. One Tin Soldier
  4. Red Rubber Ball
  5. Lego House
  6. The Little Wind Up Doll
  7. Toys In the Attic
  8. Bicycle Race
  9. Jack In The Box
  10. Rag Doll

Be sure to come back later in the week, when I start a special series of posts. I’ll be putting a spin on a tradition.

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  1. Mary,

    Yes, I did notice you were were MIA. So, glad to see that you're back to your old self again. Three weeks to hang on to a cold isn't my cup of tea. Take it easy so you don't have relapse, k? I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving spent in the company of those you love. Thank you for being my friend, dearie! Now to listen to your playlist in the background while I do other things. xx

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Great playlist. My mind went to Christmas -- Old Toy Trains is one of my most favorite. Makes me cry every time I hear it because I can see my kids singing it when they were little.

  3. "The Little Windup Doll" appears to have pulled a Mandrake. Just thought you should know. "Jack In The Box" is everything that was great about soul during the '70's. Great set!

  4. >> . . . Did you even notice I was away?

    Oh, wuz you away? Where you wuz?

    Best song on your list?
    'One Tin Soldier'.
    From a really iconic movie, too: 'Billy Jack', which not only started the whole martial arts movie fad in America (which, sadly, is still going strong), but was also filmed primarily in Prescott, Airheadzona - where I lived for about a year and half (late 1992 to early 1994).

    Prescott was a neat little town, and I could happily live there . . . NOW. But in '92, being in my early thirties and having moved there directly from my homemegalopolis of Los Angeles, it was just too much culture shock for me to endure at that time.

    Anyway . . . 'One Tin Soldier' - the theme song for the original movie 'Billy Jack' . . . both are recommended by me (me, the ONLY commenter on your blog who knows how to accurately apply Vitamin C to kill a cold from hell).

    ~ Stephen
    DogGtor of Alcohology &
    King of Inebriation Nation

    POSTSCRIPT: Why is John's head always so big that I can't even read all the words he posted?

  5. Yes, I had noticed, and I hope you are continuing to mprove. There have been some heavy duty illnesses going around (I got a mild case of one of them myself, but it was mild!) so please take care. You have quite a selection here. But between Toys in the Attic and Rag Doll, I rocked myself silly. The best song of all, though was One Tin Soldier - lyrics some of us really need to hear over and over and over.


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