#BOTB Results: Jim vs Van

Alrighty then. I guess it’s time to wrap up the latest battle. Are you interested in who won?

When Mr Stephen approached me with this suggested battle, I thought for sure it would be a good one - and I honestly believe that it is a good one. 

Maybe it’s that I haven’t felt well for a few weeks, with this week being especially rough for me, but damn, ya’ll….

John broke a cardinal rule of the battles by voting for a non-contender.
Voter turnout was very low…. Again.
And if Stephen had not voted for Van, it would have been a blowout.

I give up. My head is fuzzy and congested and I just don’t feel well. Time for me to take a break from the battles, I think.

The Final Tally:

Brownsville Station Jim Morrison with 6 8 votes
Motley Crue Van Morrison  with 1 votes

Closing this one with a message from Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber…

Maybe I’ll be back again on the 1st, or maybe I won’t.  Right now, it’s not looking so good.


  1. Hope you'll be back on the first. Hope you start feeling better. I hate it when I get in one of those slumps, but I guess we all have our bad days to go along with the good.

    I guess Jim Morrison's still got the chops to win these Battles. Beating Van Morrison is kind of a feat I think.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. MMQE ~

    First & foremost - I'm sorry to learn you're not feeling well. Is it a cold or flu-like symptoms? If so, E me and I'll give you a remedy. [Everyone already knows this remedy, but they all do it WRONG!! You have to do it RIGHT(!!) if you really expect it to work.]

    Secondly, I'm surprised that a BOTBer would vote for a non-contender. Non-BOTBers sometimes don't really "get" the program. But every BOTBer knows how the game is played. Tsk!-Tsk!

    Yours is one of those rare Battles that kind of irk me. Normally, I don't give a gnat's sneeze who wins the Battle(s). But occasionally an outcome reminds me of just how much nonsense is involved in BOTB voting; how so many preconceived notions come into play in the outcomes.

    I honestly believe it's almost a "talent" (perhaps a talent of "imagination") to be able to listen to two songs and convince your mind that you're hearing these songs (and these particular artists) for the VERY FIRST TIME, allowing you to vote in a 100% purely objective way, based upon your "pseudo"-first time listen.

    I suspect my acting studies and acting background may make me better able to perform that "mind trick" than most.

    But, bottom line, this Battle *SHOULD* have been very competitive! And, in my subjective opinion, Van's hard-nosed "Soul" approach (with a second-to-none, funky and horn-honking band backing him) *SHOULD* have won this contest. Jim Morrison's "art-Rock" performing approach was different and pretty entertaining, but from a truly "musical" outlook, Van should have won this by a good 4-6 votes. IMO.

    Anyway . . . I hope you will return to BOTB on November 15th, and I happen to have another ("supposedly") pretty good BOTB idea I'd be happy to give ya. It involves two lesser-known artists, so there may not be so many preconceived notions going into it from people being asked to vote. Again, E me if you think you might be interested.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  3. It was an interesting battle, Mary. I hope you feel well enough to continue with BOTB. All the best!

  4. Mary,

    How are you feelin', my love? I'm late visiting for which I humbly apologize to you. I think RMF did me in which I'm still reeling over. Your battle scale really tipped heavy to one side this round. Judging by the results, because I certainly don't remember how I voted, I went with the winner. Sorry to hear you'll be sitting out for the battles but I do understand. Sometimes a break is needed to clear the head. :)


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