#BOTB Results: Reindeer Games Edition

Round One of December Battle of the Bands is in the books.  I’m guessing you might be interested in how this battle played out, so I suppose that I shall share that information with you.

Voting for Train:
Arlee, Stephen, Janet, John, Birgit, Cherdo
For a total of 6 votes

Voting for Brian Setzer:
Songbird, diedre, Cathy, The Cute One, Me
For a total of 4 votes

A huge thank you to those of you who took the time to listen and cast your votes.  I’m still deciding on which song to battle on Dec 15, but I hope that you all will take the time to stop by and vote again.

And because this is the Reindeer Games edition, I’ll leave you all with this beaut from Joe Diffie

See you all again on the 15th! In the meantime, check out my ‘Jingle All The Way’ series… Doing my damndest to get in the holiday spirit.


  1. Yeah, a very good Battle, MARY! And you were due for one, also!

    It's a real rare situation when I would vote against a Brian Setzer recording, and this one was a super-tough call for me, but I sided by the width of a gnat's nose with Train in this match-up. That surprised me rather immensely.

    See ya again on the 15th or thereabouts.

    ~ D-FensDogG


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