#BOTB Staying Alive Battle Results:

Round One of February battles are done!  For a super cheesy battle, it turned out to be a pretty close one.

Before I get into the recap of the battle, I wanted to give a little update on myself.  I am currently doing radiation treatment 5 times a week. On Wednesday, I had a CT to see if there’s been any change in the tumor and in the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, the tumor has neither grown nor shrunk in size. But there are no new issues with the lymph nodes.  Yesterday, I went in for my treatment, but was feeling a bit off. When I took off my shoes, both of my feet had cramps in them. I asked if I could just sit for a few minutes sipping some water and working out the cramps. While I was doing that, there was a major power surge in the room, and they had to reboot all of the equipment. Had I gone ahead and just started treatment when I arrived, the treatment would have been interrupted and most likely less effective. So thank goodness for small favors :)

So… about those votes. 

As I stated earlier, this battle turned out to be pretty darn close. So close, that it was a tie!

Both Bunny Jive and They Might Be Giants received 4 votes each!

And in keeping with my tradition of additional video, Here’s the Bee Gees reminding us to Stay Alive :)

See you all again on the 15th!  I’ve got a pretty decent battle (in my opinion) planned for the 15th.  I hope that you stop by to cast your votes there as well.


  1. Mary, how long did you say you'd have to take the radiation treatment? I hope what ever is going on with the lymph nodes can be treated successfully with these treatments, as well. You're always in my thought and prayers, darlin'! Thanks for recapping your last BoTB round that ended in a tie. A showdown doesn't get any better then that, does it?

  2. Ugh, radiation treatment...I hated that. Sending healing vibes your way.

  3. Sending you good wishes and prayers for your radiation treatment. Sometimes I think things happen for a reason, and your feet were probably trying to tell you that you'd have better luck if you gave them some attention before the radiation.

    Killer battle, by the way!

  4. Thanks for the update, Mary! I hope everything goes well with your treatments. A tie seems fitting for this battle.

  5. I'm praying for you every single day, MMQE.

    And although I won't be doing a Battle of my own again until March 1st, I will surely be here to bote on your February 15th BOTB.

    EAT, PRAY, LOVE . . .

    EAT [Link> 'Apricot Power' bitter raw apricot seeds. If they're too bitter tasting for you, then eat them with a spoonful of peanut butter, which overpowers the bitter taste of the apricot kernals.

    PRAY to the one and only God ("He" of the The Holy Bible) and to His perfect, precious, sinless Son.

    LOVE the fact that He not only created you, but He gave you the single greatest gift that any person could ever receive from anyone. Namely, He created you IN HIS OWN IMAGE! Sit quietly each day, recite and contemplate the deepest meaning of 'The Lord's Prayer', and try to imagine what it actually means to be created in God's own Image. At the moment that His Holy Spirit reveals to you the true meaning of that, it will blow your mind and bring you to tears. It can also heal you.

    Most recommended reading: The 5 short chapters of The 1st Epistle of John ('1st John') which is found between '2nd Peter' and 'Revelation' in the greatest Book in your house.

    Fun Fact: 1st John is the only place in The Bible where it states outright that "God is Love". And it says "God is Love" twice. And if you don't know why it says that two times, then you should be subscribing online to 'Stephen T. McCarthy's Holy Bible Course For Children Of God'.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  6. I sure don't envy your situation.

    Nothing wrong with a tie from my point of view unless it's a tie that I'm having to wear.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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