Love Is In The Air: Just To Be Close To You

February 28, 2020

Month-long celebration of Love featuring Love Songs from the 70’s.

Can you believe the month is just about over?

Alright! Let’s get this party started! Fill up those waterbeds, break out the black lights and disco balls and let’s have some fun!

The song for today -

Just To Be Close To You by Commodores

Wikipedia tells us about this song:

"Just to Be Close to You" is a song by American R&B/funk band, Commodores, in 1976. Released from their album, Hot on the Tracks, it would become one of their biggest hits, spending two weeks at the top of the Hot Soul Singles chart and becoming their second Billboard Hot 100 top ten, peaking at number seven. The song was written and sung by Lionel Richie.


  1. Great song. We've never seen the Commodores but did see Lionel Richie a couple of times. Great show. How are you doing?

    1. I was to have inpatient radiation this week, but I have pneumonia instead. not fun at all!

  2. Mary,

    I'm with John, this is new to me, too. I can't believe this is the first time hearing this old song. I loved the Commadores, too. Like you, I can't believe February is just about gone. It went fast, didn't it? Thanks for spreading the love through mewsic this month and I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it every day. Have a good weekend, my dear!


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