#4M: COVID 19 Edition

It’s free choice week for Monday’s Music Moves Me. After being cooped up with self-quarantine and only getting out for dr appointments and grocery runs, I’m feeling a bit slapstick.  Hopefully soon life will return to some degree of normalcy.

The other day, a good friend of mine was going a bit stir crazy and cranked up the volume on his radio and decided to have a private dance party (No- not THAT kind of private dance!) No, his dance party was more like that scene in Risky Business.

Any way.. He’s jamming out to the music when Naughty By Nature’s OPP comes on. Next thing he knows, he’s singing about PPE.  So he sat down and wrote out the lyrics that popped into his head.  I asked him to make a video, but for some reason he refuses - says he’s shy. (Okay, whatever)  But I will share with you his lyrics. Here’s a link to OPP you can use to play in the background as you read along. 

Where's My P.P.E.?
"Harm me with Harmony"
Andrew drop me a load of them
PPE how can I explain it
To have you all sewing you can make it
P is for Personal,as to Protection the last E well that's not that simple
It's like another way to call a worker who is Non...but is now Essential
It's 5 little letters that are missin here
You can catch it on occasion at a party not Social Distansin
It seems like a game at the start,so let me get explainin it
Cover It!
You ever met your friends with a nice hello
You shake their hands after you cough or sneeze or a blow
You get home and now you're not feelin well
You wait a day to see where your temp is at
You call them up tell them that you feel like crap
It's not a front,E to the M to the ER to the Gency
It's to the hospital I gotta go
It's just the Dr's at your bedside sayin you got it ( that is scary)
He calls the EMT's to tell them where to take you at
It's just not that easy cause the EMT's don't know where their PPE is at
And what you got they don't want to get
There's no room at the ER for you to be sittin in
Only room maybe one with a Coffin..you better Dig it!
How many brothers and sisters out there know just what I'm gettin at
Who thinks it's wrong cause I'm coughen and spitten at
Well if you do Where's All your PPE at
But if you don't then here's your membership to make your Mask at
You down with PPE (Yeah you know me)
You down with PPE (Every last homie)
You down with PPE (All the homies)
As for all the Dr's and Nurses PPE means something gifted
The first 2 letters are the same the last is different E
It's the longest,loveliest, lean I call the leanest it's called E.M.E.R.G.E.N.C.Y.
And they need it
To all the Gov's and Prez all they can say
is...Where is ALL the P.P.E...at? Peace!

So this is what inspired today’s post.  Here’s a playlist of COVID-19 Parody tunes

  1. Dirty Hands, Must Come Clean
  2. Coronavirus Rhapsody
  3. Covid 19
  4. My Carona
  5. One Week of COVID 19
  6. Quaranqueen
  7. Daycare Closed
  8. I Can’t Get No Sanitiser
  9. Do Re Mi
  10. I Want To Know What Day It Is

Stay safe my friends, and remember to use your common sense.

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  1. Mary,

    Great way to start the week with some humor. We all need some laughs. I can't wait for this be over but if the truth be told I think this virus is going to be part of our life like the flu and many other viruses. Thanks for the giggles, my friend. Stay well now, you hear!! xx

  2. Very cute songs. Thanks for sharing all of them. Hope you have a great week.

  3. This is funny and you must h=find the humour in things and enjoy the roses not the thorns

  4. OMG YOU HAVE GOT ME ROARING OVER HERE & BOY DID I NEED IT. I just came home from the dentist & who doesn't need a good laugh after that. I had a root canal finished off!!! These are just what I need... where are earth did you find these. hahahaha Thanks for perking up a much needed spirit over here! HUGS

  5. These are quite funny! I don't know about you, but I've been spending waaaaay too much time at home...

    1. It seems the only time I get out anymore is for dr appointments. With the shelter in place orders, they assigned me to home health care, so now even the dr appointments are not as frequent.

  6. Oh my, I think I am still having my problems with You tube and I am using a different computer now; four of your videos came up "not available". The best two, I thought, were the parodies of "One Week" and "Do Re Mi". Meanwhile, reading your comments and wondering "what's a doctor's appointment" and "what day is this?" Yeah, that "what day is this" thing is all too real. I messed up on a blog post today because of that - oh well!

    1. yeah, that 'what day is this?' will get you every time. In fact, one of the posts that went out today was really intended for yesterday -but I not only scheduled it for the incorrect day, I also titled it incorrect. So I just let it be.


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