#BattleOfTheBands Results

That’s a wrap for the Battle of the Bands!

Well, for May it’s done, anyway.  I’ve received some advice from you all and have had some time to think it over, ponder, pray, etc etc and I’ve come to a decision.

It seems that quite a few bloggers have decided to slow down - at least for the summer. Some of this is due to that stupid Covid, some due to the fact that ‘it’s summer, man’, and some because they simply need a break following the annual AtoZ Challenge. Whatever their reasons, they are slowing down.

I am going to follow suit. Instead of ending the battles completely, I will be doing them once a month, on the 1st of the month. But I have to be honest here, if the number of votes consistently dip into single digits, I’m out for good.  There’s no sense in putting in time, effort, and research into a post that no one is going to participate in.

So how did this battle play out?  Let’s find out:

Votes for Billy Idol: 10
Votes for Smash Mouth: 2

Well, at least it wasn’t a complete shutout :)

Here’s our winner singing us out:

The next battle will be June 1, but don’t forget to stop by the other new features on the blog. I’ve got Sunday Sounds, Monday’s Music Moves Me, Two Step Tuesday, YouTube Roulette, Under The Influence, and a few others going on. 


  1. Gee, you have all kinds of new features!

    Your battle was just about as lopsided as mine has turned out to be. Oh well...

    1. Sometimes my brain just doesnt want to shut off... I'm always thinking up new things to do. Some days that's a good thing, others... it can be overwhelming.

  2. Another lopsided outcome like mine and John's. At least I was on the winning side of all of them. Let's hope voters increase. I know that my problem has been that I've not been very good at visiting other bloggers thus the decrease in reciprocal visitors. Over the past few years my comment section has become less active than it used to be--or that what it appears to me.

    Hope your Battles continue as this BOTB stuff is what has been keeping me blogging.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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