#4M: J Jingles

This month’s honorary music conductor is Michelle from Music and Merriment with Michelle.  She has tasked us with a theme of ‘Songs that start with the letter ‘J’’.  This seems like a fun task. I’ll bite!

Here’s the playlist that I have come up with:

  • Jolene - Dolly Parton & Pentatonix
  • The Joker - Steve Miller Band
  • Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield
  • Just Between You And Me - April Wine
  • Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
  • Jambalaya - Carpenters
  • Jeremy - Pearl Jam
  • Jerry Was A Race Car Driver - Primus
  • Jesus He Knows Me - Genesis
  • Judy, Judy, Judy - Johnny Tillotson

Have a great week! See you next time around!

Today’s post is part of the Monday’s Music Moves Me blog hop, hosted by X-Mas Dolly, and co-hosted by Stacy Uncorked, Curious as a Cathy. , and Ramblin with AM. Be sure to stop by the hosts and visit the other participants.  If you have a MUSIC* post, feel free to join in the fun! *sorry non-music posts are not permitted in this blog hop.


  1. I swear every time I go someplace every week I smack myself in the head & say, "Why didn't I think of that one?" That's such a great song! yadayadayada!!! Anyway, you got some great pickins here girlfriend. Like Jolene, duh I really know that one, and Just between you & me I use to sing that song when I was in hubby's band. Ughhhhh Cool tunes my friend. I love the way they put Jolene together. So cool & the Joker is one of my favorite tunes.. singin' & dancin' it. Awww & Jackie Blue totally cool! Yep, Great job & have a great day! Thanks for rockin' with us! hugs

  2. There are so many good J songs. I love the playlist.

  3. Very nice playlist. I enjoyed all of these songs. Thanks for sharng them.

  4. Get list! We matched on a couple and had different singers on "Jambalaya," but there was plenty of diversity here!

  5. Oooh, I wish I'd remembered "Just Between You And Me".

    I also had some of your selections on my own list today.


  6. Mary,

    Steve Miller's "The Joker" takes me back. Your playlist rocks, my friend. Don't let that ole jester get the better of you unless you wanna. ;) Have a boogietastic week. :)

  7. A thoughtful playlist, between the message in "Jesus Knows Me" and the universe contained in a spilled serving of nachos in Primus' song. And the classic The Joker. But, dear Mary, you missed one: Bobby Darin's Jingle Jangle Jungle. (Actually, I missed it, too. Oops).


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