#SundaySounds: Have I Done Any Good?

I tried to find a background story for today’s selection, but was unable to do so. This is a hymn that I have come to love and enjoy, and I really like the message within.

Many of you know by now that  I have not had the best of luck recently when it comes to my health. Thankfully, I’ve been able to be home most of the time, but as I no longer drive, this can also pose a bit of a dilemma for myself. Medicaid provides transportation to my medical appointments when I can give them 2 business days notice. Sometimes, that’s just not possible. A lady from my church, whom I refer to as my ministering angel, has volunteered her services whenever she is able. She happily drives me the 45 minutes to my appointment, waits patiently while I’m being treated and happily drives me back home another 45 minutes.  On a recent Friday, I learned that I needed to be seen on Monday - not enough time for Medicaid to coordinate my transportation. I called my ministering angel. Unfortunately she was not going to be available to help me out.  So I posted my need on my church’s facebook page, and someone that I had never met quickly volunteered to help me out.  On Monday morning, this lady and her young daughter picked me up and we made our acquaintances as she drove me to my appointment. The appointment was as the hospital and with their restrictions the young daughter would not have been allowed to come in, so they waited patiently for me in the parking lot. Afterward, I was anticipating getting to know them better on the 45 minute drive back home. Instead, they asked if they could take me to lunch.  Who am I to turn down food?  So I agreed. I was expecting them to just do fast food, but instead we went to a nice sit down restaurant to eat.  It was such a lovely gesture on their part, and it really touched me that they would do such a thing.

When I think back over that days events, this hymn comes to mind. I hope that this song will also influence you to do something kind for someone else as well.

“Have I Done Any Good?”
Text and music: Will L. Thompson, 1847-1909

1. Have I done any good in the world today?
Have I helped anyone in need?
Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?
If not, I have failed indeed.
Has anyone's burden been lighter today
Because I was willing to share?
Have the sick and the weary been helped on their way?
When they needed my help was I there?

Then wake up and do something more
Than dream of your mansion above.
Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure,
A blessing of duty and love.

2. There are chances for work all around just now,
Opportunities right in our way.
Do not let them pass by, saying, "Sometime I'll try,"
But go and do something today.
'Tis noble of man to work and to give;
Love's labor has merit alone.
Only he who does something helps others to live.
To God each good work will be known.

Then wake up and do something more
Than dream of your mansion above.
Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure,
A blessing of duty and love.

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  1. Beautiful story. It's nice to be part of a faith community like that.

  2. I loved this, Mary! Your story was so inspiring. I'm so grateful to the Lord that you have a wonderful ministering angel to help you out. I'm glad you allow her to gain blessings from serving you. Thanks for uplifting me today, Mary!

  3. Lovely story and nice hymn, MMQE.

    We need to do as much good as we can nowadays, because I think we're running out of time.

    ~ D-FensDogG


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