#Roadtrip: Portland



 Time to hit the road!

The premise behind this theme is to pick a location, and highlight some or all of the musical artists (not inclusive) that are associated with that location. The locations will not be limited to the continental United States. We’re going Everywhere!  

I had thought about continuing on to the next Canadian Province, but I’m being drawn back to the west coast, for a quick stop in Portland.

Today’s Roadtrip Playlist:

  1. The Decemberists - Formed in Portland in 2000, the Decemberists have become famous for their gloomy, folk-tinged melodies and stimulating live performances, which feature heavy doses of audience participation. Today’s Song: Mariner’s Revenge Song
  2. Sleater-Kinney - This pioneering all-girl group is forever linked with the Rose City. The girls of Sleater-Kinney were trailblazers in the Portland music scene during their hay day. The group recorded  their latest album in Carrie Brownstein's (of Portlandia fame) Portland home. Today’s Song: Jumpers
  3. Modest Mouse - Modest Mouse's lead singer is a Portland resident and has an extra-special tie to the city. A portrait of him wearing lederhosen and standing next to a giant boar hung in Mayor Sam Adams' office. Today’s Song: Dashboard
  4. Everclear - Originally formed in 1990, they were part of the alternative rock and grunge takeover of the 90's. Today’s Song: AM Radio
  5. Quarterflash - formed in 1980 in Portland, Oregon. The band was originally made up of the two current members, Orinda Sue "Rindy" Ross and her husband Marv Ross, along with Jack Charles, Rick DiGiallonardo, Rich Gooch, and Brian David Willis. Having a lead singer who also played the saxophone made Quarterflash notable. Today’s Song: Harden My Heart

I’m trying to keep the playlists to 5 tunes each, so if you know of an artist associated with the location that was not featured, be sure to mention them in the comments. There’s always a good chance we’ll be re-visiting locations.

See you again soon!   


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