#STS: Beverly Hills Cop (1984)



Welcome to another New Theme!

Yup, my creative juices have been flowing.  This theme will most likely be a once a month theme, depending on popularity and how I am feeling at the time.   I seem to have bitten off a big ole bite of creativeness lately, and hopefully my body and brain will allow me to keep up with it.

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself, “Hey, this is some pretty good music here!”?   That is what this theme is all about. Soundtracks from movies.

Today’s soundtrack is courtesy of the movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ starring Eddie Murphy.

The Synopsis of the movie:

After the murder of his childhood friend in front of his eyes, the slick Detroit detective, Axel Foley, heads to sunny Beverly Hills, on a one-man mission to ferret out the killer and bring him to justice. Before long, Axel and his unorthodox methods unearth the lucrative drug operation of the powerful local crime kingpin, Victor Maitland; however, Foley, too, will find himself in deep trouble, as Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil wants him out of town. Now, Axel will have to team up with Detectives, John Taggart, and Billy Rosewood, to shed light on the thick conspiracy, and finish what he has started. Will Foley's total disregard for proper procedure bear fruit?

The movie trailer:

Today’s Soundtrack Playlist:

  1. Patti LaBelle - New Attitude
  2. Shalamar - Don't Get Stopped in Beverly Hills
  3. Junior - Do You Really (Want My Love)
  4. Rockie Robbins - Emergency
  5. The Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance
  6. Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On
  7. Danny Elfman - Gratitude  
  8. Patti LaBelle - Stir It Up
  9. The System - Rock & Roll Me Again
  10. Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F

Do you have a favorite movie that has a great soundtrack? Tell me about it. I’m happy to share.  

See you again soon!   


  1. Great choice.

    I love old fashioned movie musicals, like Singin’ in the Rain. I loved Les Miserables, I’d seen the Broadway show 8 or 9 times and knew the music well. Right now I’m obsessing over Hamilton.

    I also loved the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever.


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