September 23, 2020

#YTR: Sep 23


Time for the weekly game of YouTube Roulette.

How it works:

I click on a suggested video from YouTube and then make a playlist using the ‘Up Next’ songs.

Pretty simple, and the songs will almost always be different each and every time.

It’s a great way to learn about new artists and tunes, and refresh the memory of tunes from days gone by.

** Note: I switched up my own rules just a bit. If the up next song is by the same artist as the one before, It is skipped. This will help give more variety to the playlist I think.  Also, if there are regional restrictions, that video is skipped as well.

Today’s Roulette Playlist:

  1. Elle King - Little Bit of Lovin’
  2. Chris Cornell - Led Zeppelin’s Thank You
  3. Billy Corgan - 1979
  4. Nirvana - The Man who Sold The World
  5. Heart - Crazy On You
  6. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
  7. Queen - I Want To Break Free
  8. Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light
  9. Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation
  10. Dr Hook - Sylvia’s Mother

See you again soon! Share with me your thoughts about this playlist. If you’d like to join in this fun game of going down the YouTube rabbit hole - feel free! All I ask is that you share your link in the comments so that I and others can come visit.

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