#4M: Oh, Brother! Part 5

It’s a new month, and we have a new musical conductor. It’s Me! I get to choose our themes this month. Today’s theme is Free Choice.

In the past, we talked about bands composed of siblings, or siblings with friends. This is a continuation of that post. I should note, the source that I am using is rather lengthy. I am only sharing bands that I am familiar with.

Please enjoy this week’s playlist:

  1. Good Charlotte, an American pop punk band, identical twins Joel and Benji Madden. Today’s Song: The Anthem
  2. Greta Van Fleet, an American Rock band formed in 2012, Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka. Today’s Song: Highway Tune
  3. Halestorm, an American hard rock band, Arejay and Lzzy Hale. Today’s Song: I Miss The Misery
  4. Hanson, an American pop rock band, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson. Today’s Song: MMMBop
  5. Heart, an American rock band, Ann and Nancy Wilson. Today’s Song: Alone
  6. INXS, Australian rock band, Tim, Andrew, and Jon Farriss. Today’s Song: Never Tear Us Apart
  7. Isley Brothers, American pop (soul) band, O'Kelly, Rudolph, and Ronald Isley. Today’s Song: Contagious
  8. The Jackson 5, an American popular music family group, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine (later replaced by Randy), Marlon, and Michael Jackson. Today’s Song: I Want You Back
  9. The Jets, an America pop band, LeRoy, Haiti, Rudy, Kathi, Elizabeth and Moana Wolfgramm, and adopted siblings Eddie Lavatai and Eugene Hunt. Today’s Song: Make It Real
  10. Jonas Brothers, an American pop rock band, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. Today’s Song: S.O.S.

To be continued....

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  1. Mary,

    I like how you're separating your post entries. Part of me wonders if I should do this but when I plan out my posts I pushed the idea right out of my head. I might think more seriously about doing this next time. :) I'm enjoying your 4M song choices today. I think many of your picks are new to me. Thanks for being this month's co-hostess, dearie. Have a rockin' boogietastic week! {hugs}

    1. I did separate them. It looks like everyone went to the #RMF post for #4M, though. Ha!

  2. Good Charlotte...my daughter loved them when she was in middle school.

  3. Replies
    1. Boy, I'll tell you.. it sure set me up for posts through the end of November. I should have knocked them down to 5 per set, then it would have lasted longer. It's one of those cases where Wikipedia is definitely your friend.

  4. Whoa.... you really know your stuff girlfriend... I don't know your first tune, but my granddaughter says it's cool. She's helpin' me today... hope you don't mind. Okay, next up Greta Fleet? hmmm, nope don't know this singer... but my granddaughter likes it because hmmm, I think she's dancin' not sure. She evidently knows this tune... I'm passin' I never heard of it. She just said, "Oh Nonny (that's me-not sure of that spelling) It's Gramma in Italian. hahaha She's funny, but she claims it's me. I'm funny! Okay next tune. Oh boy, the first scream I knew I just never hear that one... so next up is by Hanson who I know and absolutely love and I'll probably play this one a couple times before I leave cuz it's terribly addicting! ~hehehe~ Okay, really fun... thanks girlfriend! So Tatyanna (my granddaughter) and I we even danced together and she was impressed cuz I know every word. BWAHAHAHAHA So, fun! Thank you girlfriend I haven't had so much fun in ages and with my granddaughter it was tons of fun. Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!!!! hugs! Okay, what's up next here... oh my gosh, I'm battin' a 1,000 here! HEART.. just only my favorite group in the whole world! Awwww Man, you shot me down... don't know this next one..INXS, Sorry. but I did like the ending! Up next is Isley Brothers and I know them, but this song I just don't remember it, sorry! Love his voice. Wow, I never heard this tune or see the video. That was amazing! Don't like them leaving you hangin' though in the video/story! So up next Jacksons... interesting move! I know this one... so did my Tot (granddaughter). hehehe She's dancin'!!! hahaha Awwww So little! Why did he have to change? Sad.... Cute song! Tot likes it too! ~hehehe~ Jets in "Make it real" such a pretty song! and finally your last tune, and I shall say goodnight and thanks for the great line up girlfriend! HUGS!

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed this, Marie! I've got the series all lined up to take me through the end of November, and then it's all Christmas/Holiday sounds!

  5. I saw your Rocktober post Monday morning and no 4M, so I was going to wait. But then I wandered off elsewhere. So here I am, finally. You have two of my favorite songs here "Alone" and "Never Tear Us Apart". Greta Van Fleet's lead singer sounds so much like Led Zepplin it's uncanny. I've heard a lot of Halestorm but have never seen any of their videos - until. I think that's my first listen to Good Charlotte although I have heard of them. And including MMMBop in here? Oh, why not? Thank you for the set.

    1. Ha! Yeah, I didn't even think to include the link to this post until later in the day. I've gone in to my future posts and fixed that. I'm guessing the links this month will default to the Rocktober posts, but I've got a link within that post pointing to the 4M post.


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