#Roadtrip: Indiana

Time to hit the road!

The premise behind this theme is to pick a location, and highlight some or all of the musical artists (not inclusive) that are associated with that location. The locations will not be limited to the continental United States. We’re going Everywhere!  

Today we’re making a stop in Indiana, land of the Hoosiers.  You’ll note there are not any artists from Indianapolis at tonight’s performance. We’re saving those for next week. 

Today’s Roadtrip Playlist:

  1. The Jackson 5 -  Kicking off the playlist is this famous family hailing from Gary, Indiana. Today’s Song Choice: I Want You Back

  2. Sylvia - a country music and country pop singer/songwriter from Kokomo, Indiana. Today she is singing the song that put her on the charts. Today’s Song Choice: Nobody

  3. Marcie Free - formerly known as Mark Free. Marcie is best known as the lead singer for groups King Kobra, Unruly Child, and Signal. Marcie is from South Bend, Indiana.  Today’s Song Choice: Very First Time

  4. John Mellencamp - from Bloomington, Indiana. Also known as John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, Johnny Cougar or any variation of the name that he’s feeling at the moment.  John rose to fame in the 80s and his latest album was released in 2017. Today’s Song Choice: Hurts So Good

  5. The Spaniels - hailing from Gary, Indiana, these guys were a R&B/Doowop band. Today’s song choice is the song they are best known for, and an appropriate way to end a playlist. Today’s Song Choice: Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight.

I’m trying to keep the playlists to 5 tunes each, so if you know of an artist associated with the location that was not featured, be sure to mention them in the comments. There’s always a good chance we’ll be re-visiting locations.  I’m also open to suggestions for locations.  In the meantime, I’m just meandering around the continent. 

See you again soon!


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