February Battle of the Bands Results

Well, Well, Well… lookie here! It’s time to reveal the winner of the February Battle of the Bands. 

February Battle was between Alannah Myles and Robin Lee.  The song Black Velvet was written for Alannah Myles. She recorded a demo and sent it off to the producers.  For some reason, the producers decided to give the song to Robin Lee. 

Robin Lee recorded the song, and it was promoted on country music stations. Not happy about this, Alannah Myles decided to record the song (aside from the original demo) and the record producers promoted it on pop and rock music stations. All of this took place two months after Robin Lee released her version.  To add insult to injury (?) Alannah made a video for the song, and Robin decided she needed to do the same, making her video using the same scenes as Alannah did. 

So how did this battle play out for us this month?  Let’s see:

Alannah Myles:

Dave, Debbie D, Arlee, Stephen

Robin Lee:

Cathy, Birgit, John, The Cute One

Uh oh.. We have a tie! Guess that means I need to weigh in with a vote. 

Given what I know about the background of the song, and it feels almost as though Robin Lee is trying to take something from Alannah, I’m voting for the most familiar version, which is also the underdog in the story of the song. My vote goes to Alannah. 

So what else has Alannah done?  A quick look on YouTube shows she’s done quite a bit.  When I sort by most view counts, after wading through several videos of Black Velvet, this is the 2nd most popular video of hers:

I do hope that you will come back and vote in my March Battle of the Bands. Bring your friends :) 

Looking for the Monday’s Music Moves me post? You can find it HERE. In that post I’m sharing an artist that is relatively new to me. Be sure to check it out!


  1. Mary,

    I thought for sure Alannah would win this battle by a landslide but I was wrong. My battle ended in a tie, too. I just left it that way as I haven't casted a vote in my showdowns for the last year or more. Hopefully, you'll have a new battle next month. Thanks for sharing the outcome. I'm heading over to hit the dance floor with you now. ;)

  2. Surprising result! I was sure Alannah would trounce Robin. Thanks for sharing one of her other videos. She rocks!

  3. Yours is the second tie I've seen. Interesting.

  4. Does "The Cute One" know that you have repeatedly referred to him online as "The Cute One"? If so, tell him to mail his Man Card to:

    American Man Card Disposal Center, Dept. 86
    666 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
    Washington, DC. 86666

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. He says "Is that the address you mailed yours in to?" The Cute One prefers to remain anonymous online, although compared to all of the others, he really is the cute one :)

  5. MMQE ~

    No, I didn't mail in my Man Card. Mine was confiscated by 86 government agents who kicked down my front door one Friday the 13th about 6 years ago. They also took my Chihuahua at the same time.

    I miss having the Man Card every so often, but these White Wine Spritzers help the medicine go down.

    The Chihuahua, on the other hand, I don't miss at all. The government has tried to return that yapping dog to me multiple times, but I'm having NONE OF THAT!

    ~ STMcC


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