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Welcome back to the Totally Awesome 80’s!  A time when we used a full can of Aqua Net (but smart enough to not use Gorilla Glue) in our hair, A clothes were bright and vivid, and some of us even started wearing underwear as outerwear (*gasp!*) But don’t worry, we’re not going to focus on our fashion choices for that unforgettable decade. Instead, we’re going to focus on the music!

So, grab your walkman, put on your High Tops, and let’s dance! 

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter C

Today’s Playlist

  1. 1980 - Cool Change - Little River Band

  2. 1981 - Celebration - Kool & The Gang

  3. 1982 - Centerfold - J Geils Band

  4. 1983 - Come Dancing - The Kinks

  5. 1984 - Cruel Summer - Bananarama

  6. 1985 - Crazy For You - Madonna

  7. 1986 - Crush On You - The Jets

  8. 1987 - Carrie - Europe

  9. 1988 - Cherry Bomb - John Cougar Mellencamp

  10. 1989 - Close My Eyes Forever - Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne

Was that fun, or what?!?  Let’s do it again tomorrow! (okay, maybe we can wait until Monday)

Come back on Monday to see what ‘D’ songs are reppin’ the 80s!


  1. Ahhh the 80s... such a wonderful decade for music. I look forward to seeing what the other letters inspire


  2. Celebration - can't beat it for an upbeat song!

  3. More great nuggets of the 80s. I remember them all other than the one by The Jets--somehow I apparently missed this one or just don't remember it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. 80's music was great! Thanks for collecting these gems.

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. For a few years the J Geils Band would always come to town for New Year's Eve. I saw them many times. It made for a fun night. Weekends In Maine

  6. These are all great, especially "Cool Change" and "Crazy For You."


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