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Welcome back to the Totally Awesome 80’s!  

A time when the M in MTV actually stood for Music. A time when your weekends were spent at the local Blockbuster picking out movies to watch. We had some unforgettable tunes, and that is what we’re focusing on today!

So, put on your MC Hammer pants, check your shirts for shoulderpads, and let’s dance! 

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter J

Today’s Playlist

NOTE: If I couldn't find a video for the specific letter that fits the year, I went with a random video from that year.  

  1. 1980 - Jojo - Boz Scaggs
  2. 1981 - Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield
  3. 1982 - Jack & Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp
  4. 1983 - Jeopardy - The Greg Kihn Band
  5. 1984 - Jump    - Van Halen
  6. 1985 - Jungle Love - The Time
  7. 1986 - Walk Of Life - Dire Straits
  8. 1987 - Jacob’s Ladder - Huey Lewis & The News
  9. 1988 - Just Like Paradise - David Lee Roth 
  10. 1989 - Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison 

Today’s post is also part of the Monday’s Music Moves Me blog hop, hosted by X-Mas Dolly, and co-hosted by Stacy Uncorked, Curious as a Cathy. , and Ramblin with AM. Be sure to stop by the hosts and visit the other participants.  If you have a MUSIC* post, feel free to join in the fun! *sorry non-music posts are not permitted in this blog hop.

Come back tomorrow to see what ‘K’ songs are reppin’ the 80s! 



  1. J is for - Just dandy! Love the 80's but I surprised myself a little in not knowing perhaps a third of these songs (Jo and Jungle Love, among others.) You made me think of Weird Al's (I Lost on) Jeopardy parady of the Greg Kiln song. Jack and Diane is a classic. Rock On!

  2. Mary,

    Today's playlist had some new-to-me songs or maybe I just forgotten them. I'm thinking it's more like the later because the new-to-me songs have a sense of familiarity. Thanks for sharing some wonderful background music for me to get things done this morning.

    Stop by when you can to take a peek at my newest Looney Tunes Art Sketch. Foghorn's joke-advise. Happy A2Zing!!

  3. Very nice and you are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I got to "Walk Of Life" and said "Hey! That doesn't start with J!" Then I rad your note. Very clever! Another great set!

  5. I had no idea Jessie's Girl was from 1981. I thought it was from 1985 or so. I remember him on General Hospital which I still watch. He did come back a couple more times to the show. I love Jungle Love which is so unique and fun. I couldn't play any more because the Dire Straits wouldn't play for me. I know the rest quite well and like the Huey Lewis one but never much into Poison.

  6. Dire Straits Walk of Life is definitely on the soundtrack album of my youth!

  7. Just LOVE '80s music and Jesse's Girl is a particular favorite!

    Here from A to Z. Visit me at where our theme is Down syndrome in the media.

  8. So many memory-joggers here. Nice! I'll be listening to Scaggs for the rest of the day...


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