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Welcome back to the Totally Awesome 80’s!  

A time of big hair and mullets. A time of Jazzercise and leggings. We had some unforgettable tunes, and that is what we’re focusing on today!

So, grab your AquaNet, put on your leg warmers, and let’s dance! 

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter K

Today’s Playlist

NOTE: If I couldn't find a video for the specific letter that fits the year, I went with a random video from that year.  

  1. 1980 - Call Me - Blondie

  2. 1981 - Kiss On My List - Hall & Oates

  3. 1982 - Keep The Fire Burnin’ - REO Speedwagon

  4. 1983 - Every Breath You Take - The Police

  5. 1984 - Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

  6. 1985 - Careless Whisper - Wham!

  7. 1986 - Kiss - Prince & The Revolution

  8. 1987 - Keep Your Hands To Yourself - Georgia Satellites

  9. 1988 - Kokomo - The Beach Boys

  10. 1989 - Keep On Movin’ - Soul II Soul

Come back tomorrow to see what ‘L’ songs are reppin’ the 80s! 



  1. Mary,

    "Kiss On My List" is a fabulous early 80s hit. Hall & Oates were smokin' hot in the day. Today kids revere this decade as the oldies but the music still rocks in my opinion! Kolossal kollection of great tunes playing here this morning!

    Check out today's Looney Tunes' Art Sketch of Kiss Me Cat when y'all get a chance. Happy A2Zing, folks!

  2. "Kall Me" and "Kareless Whisper," maybe?

  3. Nice job tackling K! I remember all of these well and they bring back fun memories.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. Kiss On My List is one of my faves. Great list again!

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. You know I am loving this theme so I found "Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon for 1980. "king of Pain by the Police for 1983. I think that was THE year for the Police. I am not a huge fan of them and hate Roxanne. For 1985 I would have "Kiss the Dirt" by INXS.

  6. Kokomo! Long time no hear. Hall & Oates too.

  7. As soon as I read your list, songs start playing up in my head. This time it's "Kiss On My List" playing on repeat. Weekends In Maine


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