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Welcome back to the Totally Awesome 80’s!  

A time of big hair and mullets. A time of Jazzercise and leggings. We had some unforgettable tunes, and that is what we’re focusing on today!

So, grab your AquaNet, put on your leg warmers, and let’s dance! 

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter O

Today’s Playlist

NOTE: If I couldn't find a video for the specific letter that fits the year, I went with a random video from that year.  

  1. 1980 - One Fine Day - Carole King

  2. 1981 - Being With You - Smokey Robinson

  3. 1982 - Open Arms - Journey

  4. 1983 - Our House - Madness

  5. 1984 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes

  6. 1985 - One More Night - Phil Collins

  7. 1986 - On My Own - Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald

  8. 1987 - Only In My Dreams - Debbie Gibson

  9. 1988 - One More Try - George Michael

  10. 1989 - Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Great White

Come back on Monday to see what ‘P’ songs are reppin’ the 80s! 



  1. Howdy Mary! I'm meandering around today trying to get some things done and I thought I'd pop over to plug into another outstanding 80s song list that I knew you'd have waiting for me. I'm gonna hit play now while going about my business. ;) Have a good Saturday afternoon, my dear. Happy A2Zing!

    Outerspace Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

  2. I've heard Carole King songs but did not watch her. She is very animated. Interestingly, there is a special on our PBS station right now with her and James Taylor. Great stuff.

    Janet’s Smiles

  3. It would be Open Arms for me on this one. I remember having tickets to see Journey in concert but sadly got my first summer job and had to work so missed the show. It was heartbreaking at the time. Weekends In Maine

  4. Love Our House by Madness, it makes me think of my mum as she set it as her ringtone for whenever "Home" called her mobile :)
    My A-Z in April is all about characters I love. Latest post: O is for Sally Owens.

  5. I'm surprised Carole King waited so long to record "One Fine Day." It's a great song! All of these are...

  6. Just enjoying the songs again...I know them all.

  7. Our House is a favorite of mine. Once Bitten, Twice Shy is a fun tune. "One Fine Day" (Carol King's performance) was my favorite of the lot. Why wasn't this a hit for her? (Maybe it was, but if it was, it escaped my notice.)


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