Eurovision 2021 Songs

We have a new musical conductor for the month of May. John over at Sound of One Hand Typing gets to pick our themes for this month. Today our assigned theme is Songs from the Eurovision Song Contest in honor of its 65th anniversary.

I’ll be honest here. I’ve not really followed the Eurovision Song Contest. But after listening to some of this year's contestants, I just might have to change this. 

I’m going to just limit my list to five songs today, because I’m sure there will be a bit of overlap between the various bloggers. 

  1. [Sweden] Voices - Tusse

  2. [United Kingdom] Embers - James Newman

  3. [Portugal] Love Is On My Side - The Black Mamba

  4. [Germany] I Don’t Feel Hate - Jendrik

  5. [Finland] Dark Side - Blind Channel

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  1. It was nice hearing most of these 2021 songs again. Voices was one of my favorites from the 2021 competition (I listened to much of the final), very catchy. It's too bad Embers got no votes, either from the public or the judges - it's not a bad song.

  2. Mary,

    I'm excited to see how others use this week's theme. So far, I haven't been disappointed. You introduced to me all new songs by all new artists. I believe over the years, I've noticed a few of these bands but never did listen to their music until now or at least I don't think that I have. Tusse has a nice sound. I will certainly check out more of their tracks. Thanks for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor today, my dear. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. You picked some great tunes here! Nice going!

  4. Fantastic choices, the same we chose that could be winners😸 Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead🐾😽💞


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