Heat Wave Battle Results

We’re having a heat wave. And I sure do wish it would go away! 

Our battle this month had Linda Ronstadt and Phil Collins battling it out over a Heat Wave. 

Here are the results:

Linda Ronstadt 6

Phil Collins 1

Congrats to Linda Ronstadt for taking the win! Linda… sing us out! 

Be sure to come back for the August battle (the one that got pushed aside for this heat wave battle) 


  1. I am glad she won. She has a beautiful voice that has, unfortunately, been silenced.

  2. I knew Linda would win this one but I'm still glad I gave my vote to Phil! Stay cool, girl!!

  3. Easy win for Lin...

    It's been blistering hot here in Carson City, too. And I believe tomorrow (according to the most reliable forecast) is going to be our hottest day of 2021. NOT looking forward to it! (I forecast that there's a cold beer in my immediate future!)

    Al B. Bach for the "real" Battle on 8/1.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. it's been a real scorcher here as well. This entire week is sweat-worthy. I foresee many a late night working with the windows open when it is much cooler!


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