Weekly Song Challenge, Week 37

Time for the Weekly Song Challenge! 

How it works:
Each week, I will provide a list of 3 topics or themes.

You come up with 1 song for each of the 3 themes.

This Week’s Song Challenge (Week 37):

A Song with a Boy’s Name in the Title - Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

A Song that mentions a Place in the Title - George Strait - All My Exes Live In Texas

A Song that Kenny Loggins wrote - Celebrate Me Home

What songs would you choose for these themes? 

Now, I know several of you like to plan ahead, so I’ve got a page prepared where you can find the upcoming themes.. 


  1. Mary,

    "A Boy Name Sue" always puts a smile on my face. :D I discovered George Straits song either playing on SiriusXM or I stumbled upon it on YT maybe last year and got a kick out of the lyrics. "Celebrate Me Home" I'd forgotten about and enjoyed hearing it again for the first time in a long while. Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun, my dear. Have a wonderfully Wild Wednesday!

  2. "All My Exes Live In Texas" reminds me of a manager I used to have... Good picks this week!

  3. Great choices. "Boy Named Sue" was an especially good one. Kind of ironic, but fitting.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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