Semi Charmed Life (1997)

Time for another round of Throwback Thursday!

This is where we get to listen to some great music from days gone by. 

Today’s music comes to us from 1997.  

Wikipedia tells us this about today’s tune:

"Semi-Charmed Life" is a song by American rock band Third Eye Blind from their eponymous debut studio album (1997). It was released to radio as the lead single from the album on February 18, 1997, by Elektra Records. Frontman Stephan Jenkins is credited as the sole writer of the song, although guitarist Kevin Cadogan has disputed these claims through litigation. Production on the song was helmed by Jenkins and Eric Valentine. According to Jenkins, the song is about a crystal meth addiction and the feeling that "your life is always about to change and never be reliable".

The song was recorded and mixed in and around San Francisco at Toast Studios, Skywalker Ranch, H.O.S., and The Site by Valentine. "Semi-Charmed Life" was one of the first demos recorded for Third Eye Blind and the song went through five iterations before the final version. An alternative rock song with a rap-influenced singing style, the song's "doo, doo, doot" refrain was directly inspired by Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side". The instrumentation used in the song includes guitars, brushes, and a drum machine. The concept of the song was developed through Jenkins's observations of friends using crystal meth at a Primus concert.

"Semi-Charmed Life" received positive reviews from music critics, who praised the radio-friendly nature of the song and considered it a quintessential Nineties track. Some reviewers, however, felt that the hook was crafted in a manner that would quickly become tiresome. The song peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100, giving Third Eye Blind their first entry on the chart. Internationally, "Semi-Charmed Life" was a top 40 hit in six countries. The song remains as Third Eye Blind's most successful single, being certified gold by the RIAA and peaking at number 53 on Billboard's all-time US Mainstream Top 40 chart.

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  1. Mary,

    I do not remember this song or the band but then this is out of the late 90s. There was so much upheaval in our lives. DH and I tried to get a home-based business going in a MLM which worked well for those who started early in the program but not-so-much for us. While we didn't get everything out of it that we hoped, it did teach us some things. Those were some really difficult days with three young ones to provide them with the basics. Thanks for the introduction with this TBT song pick, my dear. You rock! ;)

  2. I remember this song well and I enjoy listening to it. I don't think it gets "old" as the critics said.


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