That Song In My Head

It’s been said that in order to get a song out of your head, you need to share it with others.  I’ve had this song stuck in my head for some time now, so I guess I better share it with you. 

A bit of a back story...

When I was a young girl, I had an Andy Gibb poster on the back of my bedroom door. Don’t judge me. I was young, and he was a teen idol and I was fascinated by him. 

Fast forward a few decades, and my new musical crush is now Dave Grohl. Sure, his earlier years he was gangly and awkward, but now that he’s older… What is that phrase? Oh yes… He’s filled out nicely!

Recently Mr Grohl was watching a documentary on the Bee Gees and was inspired to have his band do a cover album - a bit of a departure from his punk days and rock and roll.  On Record Store Day 2021, the Foo Fighters became the Dee Gees (aka the Dave Grohls) and released their tribute album Hail Satin.  Side A contains covers of Bee Gees music and Side B contains songs from Foo Fighters latest album Medicine At Midnight.  As far as covers go, I would say they do a pretty decent job. But this one particular song is stuck in my head. 

Whether it be in your personal car concerts or singing in the shower, have you ever caught yourself singing or mimicking the non-lyrical parts of a song?  In this particular cover, the backup singers do just that. Combined with the vocals contributed by the band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, the song becomes infectious and you can’t help but love it.

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough… time to share this song with you. I’m sure another tune will soon be stuck in its place for me to share with you as well. 

For comparison sake.. Here’s the original:

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  1. Interesting - I had no idea of this latest Dave Grohl project. My take - vocals, OK, music, OK - but the backup singers have to go. Not sure why but I found them quite annoying. (Also, I missed seeing Andy Gibb's hip gyrations, just sayin'). For me the original still rules.

  2. Mary,

    You won't find any judging going on here. Andy Gibb was a handsome fella. Dee Gees cover wasn't bad. It was interesting to hear it. Perhaps you should do a BOTB using the song if you can't get it unstuck. :) I still prefer the original. I'm not one for falsetto style singing but the Gibb boys are about the only males I can tolerate. Strange, isn't it? Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor. I hope you're feeling more energized these days and all is well on your end. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  3. Interesting choice for a cover. They certainly put their unique stamp on it. I am more of a fan of the Bee Gees' pre and post Disco work. Andy should have joined his older brothers. Maybe he would have been better off and lived a lot longer. Did you get the earworm unstuck? ☺


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