Battle Results: Modern Love

Did you think I forgot?  Well, if you did, then you’d be correct!

The first round of this two round competition has come to an end. 

So how did this battle shake out?  Well, not too bad for a bunch of biased viewers! 

Here are the results:

Matchbox 20 had 6 votes

Jimmie Weston had 2 votes

So now Matchbox 20 goes up against another contender on November 1. 

And now… I’m going to share a version that won't be making it to either battle!


  1. I didn't forget my results, but in a state of BOTB ennui I was late. But we got up our results at least.

    I was in good company with my vote.

    I remember running across Marie's version when I was looking for videos to compete on this song. I might still have it in my Modern Love reserve post. She does a great job.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. MMQE ~

    A 4-vote differential in the tally. Not quite a "blowout", according to my own definition of the word.

    Hmmm.... I'm not sure why this version got the axe, as I would have voted for Marie Mazz if she were in a Battle against Jimmie Weston.

    Well, anyway, I look forward to the next round. And I'll have my final round of the 'James Dean BOTB' series up and running on November 1st.

    ~ D-FensDogG


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