Better Breakfast, Pt 2

Welcome back to Monday’s Music Moves Me!

John from Sound of One Hand Typing reminds us that September is Better Breakfast Month. Last week, he asked that we use songs to spell BREAKFAST. Today, I’m going to attempt to do the Artist/Band version.

It’s been a busy week for me, so I’m keeping this post short and sweet. 


Ram Jam



Kool & The Gang

Fleetwood Mac

April Wine

Steely Dan

Three Dog Night

Which artists or bands would you use to spell Breakfast? 

Be sure to check back on the 1st for a fun Battle of the Bands! 

Today’s post is part of the Monday’s Music Moves Me blog hop.  If you have a MUSIC* post, feel free to join in the fun! *sorry non-music posts are not permitted in this blog hop.


  1. Great music, Mary! This has been nice to listen to while I hop over to visit bloggers who do not have music. Earlier this morning, I listened to John's music while I composed my Wild Wednesdays post for my first set of vacation photos. :) Now, I need to back track to get your previous 4M posts I missed. ;) Have a boogietastic week, darlin'!

  2. A nice mixture of tunes! That's less than eight words - sorry 😉

    1. Less than eight but not spammy. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. So enjoyable. It was just what my work-fogged brain needed after the workday ended!

  4. Great list! How do you build the introductory videos at the beginning?

    1. I make a bunch of graphics and then use a video editor to put it all together. It can be tedious but also a lot of fun.


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