Once again it’s time for Monday’s Music Moves Me

Our topic today was chosen by Sandee of Comedy Plus.  Our assigned topic is Thankful.  I’ve decided to go the acrostic route for today’s playlist, using song titles. 

Take it to the Limit - Eagles

Have You Ever Seen the Rain - CCR

American Girl - Tom Petty

Night Moves - Bob Seger

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Feel Like Makin Love - Bad Company

Under Pressure - Queen

Lola - The Kinks

I think as we are so close to the holiday that next week I will attempt this again using artists/bands.

Today’s post is part of the Monday’s Music Moves Me blog hop.  If you have a MUSIC* post, feel free to join in the fun! *sorry non-music posts are not permitted in this blog hop.



  1. Nice treatment of the theme and great playlist

  2. Mary,

    I'm thankful Blogosphere allowed our paths to cross. I'm thankful you enjoy music as much as I do. I'm thankful for all the wonderful, thought-out playlists you share each time. I'm thankful that you're my friend!

    Excellent song set. Have a boogietastic week, dearie!

  3. Very nice playlist. Enjoyed all of them.

  4. I was tempted to do the acrostic thing myself, but you did it better.

  5. You're so talented. Love this.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  6. I am so grateful for your playlist today. You have some of my favorite songs here: Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Kashmir, Night Moves, and Under Pressure. Thank you, thank you!

  7. Great list of songs that I loved listening to.


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