Battle of the Bands Results


Woo-weee! I am pleased as spiked punch at the results of this first battle of the years! There was a great turn out for votes and I truly hope this continues for the upcoming battles. Thank you so much for supporting this ‘Traditional’ Battle! 

I knew going in the results would be lop-sided, but went ahead with the battle because… well, tradition! Even though it’s tradition to use Tiny Tim in the first battle of the year, we all know he’s not going to come out on top.  It’s all in good fun.

Some of you were taken by surprise by Tiny Tim’s talents, but in the end, Doris Day won you over. 

Final results -

Doris Day with 10 votes

Tiny Tim with 2 votes 

Congratulations to Ms Doris Day! 

Playing us out is our winner …

We return to the Call Me! Battles February 1. Glenn Miller will be taking on a new contender.  I sincerely hope that everyone stops by with their vote in that battle. 




  1. Well, that's a bunch of B.S.
    I DEMAND a recount of the votes!
    I think there was some shenanigans going on in the voting. Are *sure* some of those BOTB "boters" weren't boting from the grave? You know how they do!!

    Regardless of the outcome, I still really appreciate your 'Margarita Day' tribute to me, MMQE, and I look forward to the next installment of your 'CALL ME When I Ain't Home' Competition on February 1st.

    ~ Al B. Thaire
    Doggtor of Alcohology &
    King of Inebriation Nation

    1. It was my honor to join you in celebrating Margarita Day. I assure you these votes were not obtained by nefarious means.

      Now, don't get too comfortable... I've got something up my sleeve planned for April that you are gonna either hate or love.


    2. MMQE ~

      I'm sure I'll love it. Or at least love hating it.

      I've got my own Tiny Tim battle already planned for the very end of this year.

      I want to point out to all the naysayers that in the history of BOTB, Tiny Tim has been used quite a decent number of times and, whether one believes it or not, he has actually WON more Battles than he's lost. He even beat Garth Brooks in a Battle some years back.

      I don't ever use Tiny as a mere joke. In fact, I always consider him the favorite to win.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  2. I knew this battle was all in good fun but you know I really wanted to like Tiny Tim. :) I think Stephen is right about this vote being rigged. The two votes Tiny got were from those who aren't with us in body some imposters borrowed the names of your good voters. lol Putting the silliness aside, thanks for ushering in the new year with a very amusing contender. Have a great week, my dear!

  3. Hi Mary!
    You can’t go wrong with mirth or memories, and you provided both. I thoroughly enjoy it – thanks!


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