Call Me! Battle Results: Miller vs Pickett

Keeping this one short as my wireless mouse died a horrible death, and I am not fully comfortable with my backup wireless mouse. I swear it’s like having a favorite burner on the stove.   I also haven't mastered post creation on my phone, so you get what you get. Ha!

This is a first for the Call Me! Battles.

We have a tie folks and that means I get to break that tie :) 

Now, don’t hate on my vote… Glenn had a good run, but it’s time to let someone else take the lead. 

Final results -

Glenn Miller with 5 votes

Wilson Pickett with 6 votes 

Congratulations to Mr Wilson Pickett! 

Playing us out is our winner …


Tune in next month when Wilson Pickett will be taking on a new contender.  I sincerely hope that everyone stops by with their vote in that battle.



  1. Mary,

    Did your kitty eat the mousie? lol Don't feel bad I don't know how to post using my phone, either. I really don't want to have to learn how to do that.

    Whoa, a tie! That's a great battle! Your vote broke the stalemate giving Wilson Pickett the win. I happened to be on that side of the Pickett fence. Ha-Ha!

    Have a bandtastic day, my dear!

  2. That was a squeaker. And I'm not talking about the mouse.

    Nice Battle.


  3. MMQE ~

    That's my idea of a perfect BOTB denouement! There's nothing I like better in BOTB than when *I* get to determine the winner with my own vote.

    Hmmm.... OK, I'm curious to see who you're going to challenge Wilson with on March 1st. Of every "phone number song" I know, Glenn's 'PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000' is my favorite, so I hate to see him knocked out of the challenge. But it is what it is. (And you can quote me on that. But just make certain that you always credit me with the saying).

    I still believe I know who is going to win this whole thing, but you haven't introduced the artist into the Challenge yet, so I'll keep mum about it for now.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Great song by the winner of an exciting battle. Way to keep us all engaged!

  5. Well, it seems that Glenn had a good run. It will be interesting to see who's going up against Wilson Pickett next time. ☺


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