March 8, 2023

Call Me! Battle Results: Pickett vs B52s



Oh, looky here!

It’s time for battle results.

Did our new incumbent win? Or was he uprooted by a newcomer to the battle?

I’ll be honest - 

It wasn’t a tie this time

But it also wasnt a nasty blowout 

or even a shutout

And that makes for a pretty darn good battle!

Before I give you the results of this battle, 

I would like for each of you

To mark your calendars for our next battle.

It’s one for the record books.

Sure to make you laugh

And maybe even cry…

Why is this next battle so important?

I’m calling out one of our favorite bloggers

In a special April Battle!

Okay, let’s get on to the March results

Final results -

Wilson Pickett with 6 votes

B52s with 3 votes 

Congratulations to Mr Wilson Pickett! 

A parting tune from the defeated contender….


Tune in May 1st when Wilson Pickett will be taking on a new contender.  In the meantime, mark your calendars for our special battle on April 1. 



  1. Mary,

    I'm on the winning side this round. It's always nice when the underdog doesn't completely flop against the incumbent. That keeps things interesting, even hopeful. Thanks for sharing. I have my results up. Have a bandtastic day, my friend!

  2. Well, I'm intrigued! Looking forward to your April battle, Mary. ☺ Looks like I backed the winner, this time.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who voted for the B52s.

  4. I demand a recount! B-52's should have won this Battle. That's my opinion anyway since I didn't pick Pickett. Still like the guy's music though. Makes me feel like I'm back in high school.


  5. MMQE ~
    Well, I'm sure glad the B-666s didn't win this Battle!

    >>... I’m calling out one of our favorite bloggers in a special April Battle!

    Wait, I thought this Battle was going to feature Tiny Tim as a tribute to (or knock against) me. But "one of our favorite bloggers" leaves me out of the equation.

    I'll have one of the all-time biggest fools singing in my April Fool's Day battle. (And, NO, I do NOT mean Tiny Tim!!)

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. I would love to respond, but that would just tip the hat.

    2. Fair enough. I can wait. (I mean, what other option is there?)

      ~ Tiny-DogG

  6. Count me in for April! Great battle, interesting results ;-)


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