Call Me! Battle Results: June Battle


Hey Looky here - It’s the 8th of the month and I’m actually posting battle results!

Better go buy your lottery tickets now, you never know what else is going to happen.

This month Wilson Pickett took on The Partridge Family. Say what?!? 

Yup. I found a tune that fit the theme and hunky boy David Cassidy and sexy Susan Dey along with the rest of the cast took on Wilson Pickett. I bet they didn’t even know they were in competition against each other.

So how did June turn out? 

Let’s find out!

Final results -

Wilson Pickett with 1 vote (because Debbie D is a rebel!)

The Partridge Family with 7 votes 

Looks as though Wilson Pickett’s time as champ has run out. The Partridge Family took him out faster than a speeding football to Marcia Brady’s nose! 

Let’s give Mr Pickett a decent sendoff by letting him sing one more time (a different tune for once)


Tune in July 1st when The Partridge Family will be taking on a new contender.  


  1. Did we stick it to Pickett? Guess a tree full of Partridges is better than a Wilson in the bush--whatever that means. Good-bye Wilson Pickett and hello to those fresh young faces in the winner's circle. Though I guess they aren't so young anymore.



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