Call Me Battle: August Results


This week has gone by much too quickly. If I’m being 100% honest, August snuck itself in sooner than I was expecting. 

August battle had The Partridge Family taking on another contender…

Did Susan Dey save the day or did those City Boys finally overthrow them from their top position?

But before we get too far into the results, I wanted to say something here. I’ve only got a few more contestants of this Phase One of the Call Me battle.  We’ll probably take a short break in October to do something different, as I’m considering bringing back Rocktoberfest.  November will be the final battle of Phase One in the Call Me Battle.  All of this will depend upon the news I receive tomorrow (Thursday, Aug 10) 

So how did this battle turn out?

Let’s find out!

Final results -

The Partridge Family with 8 votes 

City Boy with 2 votes 

Next month will have The Partridge Family going up against a familiar group, who just may take the Partridge Family’s money and run!


Singing us out is this month’s Call Me! Losing Contestant. See you all very soon! 



  1. Cyber hugs to you, dear Mary! I can't imagine voting against Echo Valley! So you feel better and prove me wrong, okay?

  2. I don't remember City Boy, but I've gained a new respect for The Partridge Family. Glad they won again.



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