Call Me Battle: Partridge Family vs ??


September Already?!? 

Where does the time go?

Today is my last day of radiation treatment. Monday I was to have started treatment and I should have been done today, but on Monday, everything that could go wrong did. I have to wear a ‘mask’ that covers my head, neck, and shoulders. The material reminds me of the stuff they make mouthguards with. When it’s heated up, the material is soft and pliable and molds where it needs to mold. When it cools down, it becomes rigid.  This ‘mask’ is clipped to the table to hold me in place.  On Monday, I ended up being 're-fitted' for this mask, and then the docs needed to re-configure my treatment plan. The new plan is to start treatment again on this coming Tuesday for 5 days. I could use some outside prayers, good juju, etc as the mask is rather traumatic for me. I'm ready to get this treatment over with so that I don't have to do it anymore. 


Once again… The Partridges won the last battle. That means they are taking on a new contender. Now, if you’re getting tired of seeing the Partridge Family name in lights, go recruit your friends to stop by and cast a vote. Otherwise… zip it.  I’m not going back for recounts and looking for hanging chads.   

You may have also noticed that Anonymous people can no longer post comments. I had to make this change as I have been targeted by a few spam bots. 

So let’s get right to it!  I think the contender has a decent chance this time. 

Partridge Family


The Kinks

Will The Kinks take the lead? Or will The Partridge Family hold their own for another month? Cast your votes in the comments below.

In the event that you are new here, or you have simply forgotten… Here’s a review of how a battle works:

  1. Listen to each of the contenders. Try not to be persuaded by the videos. I like to close my eyes and let the music transport me. Keep an open mind and don’t be persuaded by the artist name. 

  2. Pick the contender that you prefer the most

  3. Leave a comment with the name of the contender you have chosen. Feel free to expound upon your choice. 

  4. Visit the other bloggers that have battles taking place. Their battles are different from each other, so be sure to check them out.  

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Alright now… Cast your votes in the comments! Voting Results will be posted on the 8th of this month.  


  1. Mary,

    You're in my prayers, darlin'. Keep hanging in there. I can't help but believe there's a reason why God has brought you this far in your fight against the notorious Big C. You certainly are a strong woman.

    In this battle showdown, I'm going with once again The Partridge Family. :)

    When you have a second, perhaps you'll care to see which artist you like best in my BOTB!

  2. Mary, I'm so sorry you have all this to deal with and hope your treatment goes smoothly this time. Best wishes! ♥

    As you would probably assume, my vote goes to The Kinks. ☺

  3. Much as I'd like to vote for David Cassidy and his stepmom, I liked The Kinks and their 12-bar blues, so I'm going with them this time.

  4. You are certainly a warrior, dear lady. May this be the final end of the nasty Big C.
    I tried. I really did. But I just can't let go of Echo Valley ;-)

  5. I have submitted a prayer in your direction. I hate hearing all this, but I guess you do what needs to be done. Take care.

    As to the Battle, The Kinks have long been one of my favorite groups, but this song is not a favorite. I had a Beach Boys album that did a variant of this song that they called "Long Tall Texan" and that was one of my least favorite songs on that album. It's kind of a cute novelty song for back then, but it does nothing for me now.

    On the other hand, the Partridge song has a weird ethereal dream quality that lures me to drift along with it.

    I'm sticking with The Partridge Family.


  6. I am thinking if you. That mask sounds like a Hannibal Lector mask..I hope this does end soon for you. Well, I'm voting for the Kinks! I like their style and way of creating this song.

  7. MMQE ~

    As always, you remain in my daily prayers.

    Judge Al Bondigas said that the Kinks song sounded something like a Roger Miller song. I get that. But I was already thinking that it reminded me of some *other* song (not by Roger Miller), but I can't quite put my finger on it.

    Either way, nothing changes the fact that...

    I am still voting for SUSAN DEY & FRIENDS, and
    Judge Al Bondigas is ruling for THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY.

    The more I hear that song, the more I like it. And Lee is correct, it contains an ethereal dream quality. I think it has to do with memories of long ago times of a seemingly better world. That spoken line in the song, "You have reached a disconnected number", really stabs my heart. I can read several sad things into that sentence.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  8. I thought I would definitely pick the Partridge Family but I have to go with the Kinks on this one. It just had the right sound for me. Hugs, good vibes, and prayers are being sent your way! ❤️


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