Call Me Battle: September Results

Did they do it? Did the Kinks manage to knock the Partridge Family from their pedestals? Stay tuned… 

Because, First this message:

Today (Sept 8) is treatment #4 of 5. I’ll do #5 on Monday. After much finagling and messing about with this stupid mask, we finally got a system down that works for us.  

I was going to have the technicians take a pic of me in the mask, clipped to the board, so that you could see what I am/was going through… but part of the problem with the fitting was that every time I laid back on the table, my uh… breast tissue kept getting in the way. We resolved this by dropping the gown down and binding the chest. Voila! No more moving breast tissue!  The doc also gave me a prescription to take before each treatment.

Side note here: My cousin is usually the one that picks up my prescriptions for me, but her schedule was preventing her from helping me out this time and I had to make other arrangements. Mind you, I had not told her what the drug was.  My cousin works as 911 Dispatch for her county. On Sunday, her husband picked me up so that I could crash a neighborhood game night (we played Mexican Train).


At game night, my cousin proceeds to tell us about her day.  At the start of her shift (7AM) the phones were ringing off the hook.  All of the calls were about the same individual - some crazy lady sitting in the middle of the road with her belonging in plastic bags strewn about. She’s yelling and screaming at all the cars going by.  Turns out, She had been in jail and was released 4 days prior - and the sheriff’s office had been having dealings with her every day since.  This was enough for them to bring her back to the jail. Then my cousin says the lady was strung out on Lorazepem.  I about fell off my chair!  That’s the drug my doc had prescribed for anxiety to get through the treatments.  I’m guessing this lady was on a whole lot more than the Lorazepem though, because I haven’t had any urges to go sit in traffic to scream at cars - Although my cousin and others do call to check on me to make sure I’m doing okay this week. 

But enough about me… 

Did Susan Dey save the day or did the Kinks finally overthrow them from their top position?

Before we get too far into the results, a little update about the upcoming battles.

BOTB will be taking a tiny break for October, as I bring back a fan favorite - Rocktober! Feel free to join in if you want, or simply stop by and enjoy the music. 

In November, the winner of the September battle, will be taking on a new contender, and in December will have us entering phase 2 of the Call Me battles (more on that to be explained later)  Next thing you know, it’ll be January, and there is even more fun slated for the blog! 

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough!  McCarthy is waiting with baited breath for the outcome here, because apparently being faux-married to Brenda Lee and faux-dating Karen Carpenter… he’s vying/dying to convince Susan Dey to be his faux-side chick. 

So how did this battle turn out?

Let’s find out!

Final results -

The Partridge Family with 5 votes 

The Kinks with 4 votes 

Purdy darn close! I’ll take it!  So it looks like Susan Dey survives another battle. She’s going to need to convince her tv family to bring their A-game in November, as I’m fairly confident they will be ousted then. 


Singing us out is this month’s Call Me! Losing Contestant. See you all very soon! 



  1. Glad you're keeping your spirits up despite your ordeals. It's the best way to contend with things I think.

    Your account of the screaming woman reminds me of some of the people who wander through my neighborhood sometimes. Police in our area are pretty good about moving the strange people out of our town into other places where we don't have to deal with them. But still there are those who actually live here and not on the street. More and more people seem to be losing it these days.

    Glad to hear of another win for the Partridge Family. It was a squeaker for sure, but it was The Kinks who some consider the greatest, or at least one of the greatest rock bands of all time. I'm almost surprised The Kinks didn't win, but I wasn't overly fond of that song and I guess I wasn't the only one.

    At least you didn't have a lopsided outcome like I did.


  2. Hello? Well, this is a first. I seem to be first to comment! And, Whoa! This was was a close battle. I'll have to listen to Echo Valley again just to reassure myself that all is still right with the world ;-) Very cool choice of songs for the Kinks' send-off. Looking forward to your plans for the season. Happy Hallowthanksmas!

  3. A close one! Hope all goes well with you...

  4. Well, dang, MMQE, it took you so long to get to the results that I had to take some Lorazepem. (I don't normally like to mix that with my Wild Turkey 101 bourbon, but you gave me no choice.)

    I'm glad to know that *my* vote gave Susan Dey the win. (I'm also glad to know that you're nearly done with that non-Apricot Seed-eating medical treatment.)

    I'll tell you what... if Karen Carpenter loses any more, uh... "breast tissue", I'm gonna switch, and go play with Susan Dey (and night).

    I can't wait to find out what this fun is that's slated for January on your blog! Big Surprises?! I'll drink to that!


    ~ D-FensDogG

  5. Mary,

    You're such an amazing person. Thank you for taking time to fill us in on the latest in your treatment. You're such an inspiration. I mean, here I am achy with a tooth, maybe two, that I need root canal work on which isn't fun but compare to your trials then shame on me! What a big baby I am!! lol Thanks for reporting the outcome. My brain is fussy but I think I went with the winner. I hope things go super well on Monday with your final treatment and I hope this knocks the Big C out!! xo


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