Rocktober 17, 2023

Rocktober 17th! 

Today our song is: Highway Star by Deep Purple

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

This song was born on a tour bus going to Portsmouth in 1971 when a reporter asked the band how they wrote songs. To demonstrate, guitarist Ritchie Blackmore grabbed an acoustic guitar and began playing a riff consisting of a single "G" repeated over and over, while vocalist Ian Gillan improvised lyrics over the top. The song was refined and was performed that same night. The song first appeared on the 1972 LP Machine Head and remained one of the band's live concert staples, being the set opener even before it was released on any album. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what is next on the list! Feel free to join in the fun. The more the merrier, I say! 


  1. Deep Purple has some great songs. Love the creation story!

  2. I had no idea this is how the song was created. Very cool!

  3. MMQE ~

    Deep Purple's 'Highway Star' is one of a (relatively) small number of songs I loved in my teen years and still love in my geriatric years. In fact, it's included on 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Pedal To The Metal'.

    Some years back, I created two lists of favorite songs for driving to: 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Cruise Control' (10 slower songs), and 'ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Pedal To The Metal' (19 speedy songs). My friend Bryan burned these songs onto compact discs, which still get lots of play when I'm behind the wheel.

    D.P.'s 'Highway Star' is the 12th song on the speedy disc. (And their song 'Space Truckin'', also from the same album, is #13.) Great stuffs! Also included on 'Pedal To The Metal' are some predictable road classics, such as 'Radar Love' and 'Born To Be Wild'. But then there's also some more obscure tunes woven into that playlist, such as Iggy Pop's 'Lust For Life' and Golden Earring's 'Movin' Down Life'.

    Hmmm.... Suddenly I have an urge to get into my 1989 truck and hit the road! "There's a little place outside of town, might still have some wine". Maybe I'll go and see... at 85 miles an hour (if 'Chuck', my truck, can even go that fast).

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. Very cool backstory! I didn't recognize the song by the title, but yeah, I've definitely heard it ;-)


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