Rocktober 19, 2023

Rocktober 19th! 

Today our song is: Paranoid by Black Sabbath

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

"Paranoid" was the first Black Sabbath single release, coming six months after their self-titled debut was released. Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler (from Guitar World magazine, March 2004):

A lot of the Paranoid album was written around the time of our first album, Black Sabbath. We recorded the whole thing in about 2 or 3 days, live in the studio. The song "Paranoid" was written as an afterthought. We basically needed a 3 minute filler for the album, and Tony came up with the riff. I quickly did the lyrics, and Ozzy was reading them as he was singing.

"Paranoid" eventually became the name of the album, and somewhat unusually, the word paranoid is never mentioned in the lyrics. Originally the band had wanted to call the album War Pigs after the song of the same name, but the record company persuaded them to use "Paranoid" instead because it was less offensive.

"Paranoid" drew controversy for apparently encouraging suicide, much like the song "Suicide Solution". Particularly, the lyric "I tell you to enjoy life" was misheard as "I tell you to end your life"

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what is next on the list! Feel free to join in the fun. The more the merrier, I say! 


  1. All things considered, i.e. lifestyle, accidents, Parkinsons,...Ozzy isn't doing too bad at 75. I hear he hopes to tour again. I don't care for his music but I wish him well.

  2. Black Sabbath is another favourite band, and this is the song that made me aware of them. Ozzy may not be the greatest of singers, but he's a showman par excellence, like Mick Jagger. As diedre said, he's doing well despite his health, age and past indulgences. Gotta love him! And Tony Iommi! Amazing guitarist and I have to say, not bad looking either. ☺


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