Rocktober 5, 2023

Rocktober 5th! 

Today our song is: Burn by Deep Purple

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

"Burn" is a song by English rock band Deep Purple. It was released on the album of the same name in 1974, and was the first single by the Mark III lineup. 

"Burn" served as the band's concert opener for the next two years, taking over from "Highway Star".  It opened Deep Purple's televised set at the California Jam festival two months after its release, on 6 April 1974.

After Deep Purple's 1976 split-up, Coverdale formed his own band, Whitesnake which over the years has featured Deep Purple members such as Jon Lord and Ian Paice, and has performed Deep Purple songs from the lineups he was part of, Mark III and IV, such as "Burn", "Mistreated", "Might Just Take Your Life" and "Stormbringer".

After the Deep Purple 1984 reunion, the song was no longer played, as Mark II vocalist Ian Gillan rejoined the band, and would not sing songs from the Mark III and IV eras. The band did perform "Burn" live in 1991, during the time in which Gillan was briefly replaced by Joe Lynn Turner. Deep Purple also played the "Burn" riff during "Speed King" medley in live performances in 1993.

Glenn Hughes also features the song regularly in his live solo performances, as well as with his project, the supergroup Black Country Communion. In a Billboard magazine interview Eddie Van Halen named "Burn" one of his all-time favourite guitar riffs.

Just a reminder that the songs that I am bringing to you this month are based on some survey from some website (I don’t even recall where, so don’t ask) They had fans respond with their favorite Rock tunes, and these are the top 31(ish) I say ish because I out-voted one or two that I didn’t agree with in their ranking. We’re working our way up to the Number One spot. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what is next on the list! Feel free to join in the fun. The more the merrier, I say! 


  1. MMQE ~

    I remember this song.
    (My Ma always taught me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. But I said something anyway. I said, "I remember this song.")

    Say, did you get an E from me?

    ~ Stephen
    DogGtor of Alcohology &
    King of Inebriation Nation

  2. This could be part of a soundtrack for the "Firestarter" ;-)

  3. Yup, not for me but great guitar playing


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