Rocktober 7, 2023

Rocktober 7th! 

Today our song is: The Boys Are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

The original 1976 UK single release featured the album track "Emerald" as a B-side, although in some territories "Jailbreak" was chosen. The single was remixed and re-released in several formats in March 1991, after the success of the "Dedication" single, reaching No. 63 in the UK. The 12" EP featured the extra tracks "Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed", "Black Boys on the Corner" and a live version of "Me and the Boys".

Shortly after the UK single release of "The Boys Are Back In Town" BBC Radio 1 Disc Jockey Tony Blackburn picked this single as his 'Record of the Week', receiving daily plays during his mid morning show.

There are many theories regarding the inspiration behind "The Boys Are Back in Town", although none has been verified. One theory is that it is about the Quality Street Gang.

"It was 1976 and we were touring America", recalled Scott Gorham. "Jailbreak wasn't shifting and we weren't selling any tickets". The band were surprised to learn from their manager that "The Boys Are Back in Town" was becoming a hit record, especially as the track had not been among the ten songs originally chosen by the band for the album. Gorham attributed the song's unexpected success to two DJs in Louisville, Kentucky who "played it incessantly until other stations in the surrounding area picked up on it… Had that song not kickstarted the sales of the album, then the band was over."

Just a reminder that the songs that I am bringing to you this month are based on some survey from some website (I don’t even recall where, so don’t ask) They had fans respond with their favorite Rock tunes, and these are the top 31(ish) I say ish because I out-voted one or two that I didn’t agree with in their ranking. We’re working our way up to the Number One spot. 

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what is next on the list! Feel free to join in the fun. The more the merrier, I say! 


  1. "They were asking if you were around, how you was, where you could be found." Always did like this one.

  2. MMQE ~

    I played the helck out of the 'Jailbreak' album when I was a teenager. For a short while, Thin Lizzy was my favorite band and I owned *all* of their LPs for many years.

    >>... There are many theories regarding the inspiration behind "The Boys Are Back in Town", although none has been verified.

    Now, HERE, for the first time ever, this Fun Fact can be revealed:

    The *true* story is that 'THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN' was inspired by a group of hard-drinking comedians known as 'The League Of Soul Crusaders' (TLOSC). The Thin Lizzy song 'BAD REPUTATION was also inspired by that same group of bad boys.

    As [Link> THIS YouTube playlist shows, both Thin Lizzy songs are associated with TLOSC. In fact, if it hadn't been for The League, there probably never would have been a Thin Lizzy band. (Hmmm.... Or perhaps that could go the other way around. I ain't none too sure about it.)

    Anyway, I hope this comment was more helpful than my last couple. With assistance from the bottle (and my friends at The Bunny Ranch), I always endeavor to improve my performance.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    October 7, 2023, 11:03 AM Pacific Time

  3. Great song ..always loved this one.


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