Song of the Day Dec 11

December 11, 2023

Today our song is: Mary, Did You Know?

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

"Mary, Did You Know?" is a Christmas song addressing Mary, mother of Jesus, with lyrics written by Mark Lowry in 1984, and music written by Buddy Greene in 1991. It was originally recorded by Christian recording artist Michael English on his self-titled debut solo album in 1991. At the time, English and Lowry were members of the Gaither Vocal Band, and Greene was touring with them. The song reached Number 6 on CCM Magazine's Adult Contemporary Chart. Lowry would record the song several times himself, most notably with the Gaither Vocal Band on their 1998 Christmas album, Still the Greatest Story Ever Told.

The song has since gone on to become a modern Christmas classic, recorded by hundreds of artists over the years, across multiple genres. Several recordings have reached the top ten in the Billboard R&B and Holiday charts. The song encourages contemplation of the relationship between Mary and her son, although some religious commentators have criticized the lyrics for downplaying Mary's own grace and understanding.



  1. My Battle of the Bands this Friday is on this song...

  2. Great tune and wonderful choice! Thanks for joining us on this wonderful holiday season!!!! Are you done with your shopping? I know I barely started... Sheesh!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND! Have awonderful week! God bless.

  3. This song has become another Christmas classic. I don't think I've heard this particular cover. Alana

    1. This isn't a cover. It's the writer of the song.

  4. I love this modern classic Christmas song! Last week while in at the Opry to see Country Christmas Show, Kathy Mattea performed song just beautifully!

  5. Beautiful song. I've only ever heard it performed by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna (awesome version) but this isn't half bad.

  6. Excellent version. Never heard this one before. I like the way he modulates up and down with certain phrases. Very moving!

    ~ D-FensDogG


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