Song of the Day Dec 3

December 3, 2023

Today our song is: The Christmas Song

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

According to Mel Tormé, the song was written in July 1945 during a blistering hot summer. It was in an effort to "stay cool by thinking cool" that the most-performed (according to BMI) Christmas song of all time was born. "I saw a spiral pad on his (Wells's) piano with four lines written in pencil", Tormé recalled. "They started, 'Chestnuts roasting..., Jack Frost nipping..., Yuletide carols..., Folks dressed up like Eskimos.' Bob (Robert Wells) didn't think he was writing a song lyric. He said he thought if he could immerse himself in winter he could cool off. Forty minutes later that song was written. I wrote all the music and some of the lyrics." 



  1. My favorite version of this was done by Redd Foxx at the end of an episode of "Sanford and Son," accompanied by a guy playing the guitar. A great song no matter who does it.

  2. Maybe his chestnuts were roasting if he wrote this during a heatwave?? Am I being bad? It's a great song


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