Battle of the Booze Results

Battle of the Booze has been introduced. 

The results were really no surprise to me. The purpose of the initial battle was merely to introduce the theme.  February will be our first official battle of the series.  I hope you’ll join us for that battle. 

Final results -

Guns N Roses with 0 votes 

Nazareth with 8 votes 

Congrats to Nazareth for taking this win! 


Singing us out is Nazareth with their cover of  Love Hurts



  1. Well, you can't get much more decisive than that. Still worth a shot though. I guess avoiding G&R might be a good idea for anyone to consider in future Battles?


  2. MMQE ~

    Yes, it didn't take a Magic 8-Ball in order to predict this outcome. That Nazareth recording is just so iconic in the realm of Classic Rock. Your Battle in February will be closer. (I'm going to make a prediction here: the southern-most song on the map will win.)

    My list of songs is now at 104, so I've decided to do another BOTB's BOTB contest on January 15th. I don't anticipate the usual number of voters so I'm going present what I consider more of a B-list match-up. However, there is so much good stuffs available that I feel even this B-list contest is going to be pretty goot.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  3. I'm not surprised but interesting how not one voted for the other

  4. I tried to like Guns & Roses, I really did. Still a good battle, considering the entertainment (who will win?) value ;-)

  5. Not a surprising result, since it's such an iconic song. I'm sure the next one will be different.


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