Call Me Battle Results

Another month of Call Me Battles is in the books.

Despite Charlie Puth being called a ‘puthy’... he did surprisingly well in this battle. 


Yup. I said it.  He actually gave Paul McCartney a run for his money. 

Now, before you all think I’m just making up numbers, I’m going to show how everyone voted. I normally don’t do this - but felt it warranted this go around.

Final results -

Charlie Puth with 3 votes 

John, Diedre, Judge Al

Paul McCartney and Wings with 5 votes 

Birgit, Lee, Debbie D, Stephen, Cathy

Paul McCartney & Wings move on to the playoffs and Charlie, well, unfortunately he just goes away. 


Singing us out is Paul McCartney & Wings.   Be sure to come back on the 1st for another Boozy Battle and we’ll also have another Call Me Battle on the 15th. 



  1. To be honest, I'm surprised Puth got that many votes, but to each their own. ☺ And I'm not a huge McCartney fan either, but that particular song was excellent.

  2. Well, Charlie wasn't horrible. I could listen to his stuff okay I guess. For a while maybe. Paul's just been around since I was a kid and he's like an institution.


  3. Even though I don't own any of his solo albums on compact discs, there's not a trace of doubt in my mind that PAUL McCARTNEY was by far - I said, BY FAR!!! - the most talented songwriter amongst The Rutles. ...Er, I apologize. I truly, genuinely, and 100-proofly meant to write "The Beatles".

    I like the fact that The Beatles weren't as plagiaristic as Johnny Cash was.

    I have only one regret in life: One night in late May or early June of 1992, my then-girlfriend, The Countess, and I, were in the [Link> Lucky Cuss Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona, during our 'Sniffy's Damn German Fudge Fiasco Trailblaze' vacation. A couple of English tourists - Clive, and his wife Daphne - sat down at the bar in the Lucky Cuss Saloon. And I just happened to mention to The Countess (rather loudly) that The Monkees were better'n The Beatles.

    My one regret? That I wasn't obnoxious enough to incite Clive & Daphne to start a row with us. Because I was absolutely certain that The Countess could knock Clive out for the count; and if I were having any trouble subduing Daphne, that The Countess would then come to my rescue!

    It was one of the Greatest Moments In Anti-British American History that... just didn't quite make the History books. But "I tried, damn-it! At least I did *that*." (to quote R.P. McMurphy).

    ~ D-FensDogG
    BOTB's Battle Of The Booze (Results)


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