Call Me Battle Results

Another month of Call Me Battles is in the books. How are we all doing? Has your February treated you right?  Mine was pretty busy. Yes, I know there are more days left in this month. But for a short month - it sure feels like a long month! 

The good news is that I’ve now completed my radiation treatments as of two days ago. I got to take yesterday off, but today I am back at the Cancer Center bright and early for labwork and immunotherapy.  But then, aside from the 1 month radiation followup visit, I am back to just immunotherapy every 3 weeks. 

Oh, and I am starting a new blog. I’ve been challenged to tell my cancer story. So, this new blog will do exactly that. You may want to also follow the related facebook page, as I plan to post some reels and videos there.  Who knows… I may even consider a TikTok account (still giving that some thought). Links will be included at the bottom of this post. 

I also tweaked the look of this blog just a bit. I hope it flows a little better now.

So how did the February Call Me Battles turn out?

Let’s find out!

Final results -

Stevie Wonder with 3 votes 

John, Diedre, Judge Al

Dr Hook with 4 votes 

Arnold, Birgit, Stephen, Debbie D

Dr Hook moves on to the playoffs and Stevie Wonder, well, unfortunately he just goes away. 



Singing us out is Dr Hook.  Be sure to come back on the 1st for another Boozy Battle and we’ll also have another Call Me Battle on the 15th. 



  1. Nice to be on the winning side! ☺ I'm so glad your treatments are over and that your schedule will ease up now. Wishing you all the best, Mary! ♥ Telling your story of cancer survival will surely help others facing the same battle. Looking forward to reading the new blog! I tried to subscribe, but never received the email to confirm. Oh well, I'll just add it to the RSS feed reader.

  2. Wow! A one-vote margin of victory! That's what I call a top-notch BOTB installment.

    My own Battle was decided by only two votes, so we *both* put together goot stuffs this time, MMQE!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  3. Really good battle, Mary! I look forward to your new blog (and I have a friend who will no doubt appreciate it too). I like what you've done to the place ;-)


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